Featured BookRix Author: Laurie Paulsen


Starting this week and every week here Between Lines we’ll be featuring a writer from our BookRix community. Become part of that community so you can share your work and connect to your readers (you may even be featured on this blog).

1) Your name

Laurie Paulsen

2) Titles of the work you have on Bookrix

Grasping at Shadows: a Collection of Dark Shorts

3) What is your writing method? Do you wake up super early in the morning? Do you burn the midnight oil drinking coffee to stay awake while penning your passion?

I tend to take a while to get going, so I’ll sit down in the afternoon but not get much done before evening. I like to sit and think, doodle, play mind association games to get in the mood. I don’t have the discipline to actually wake up early intending to write, but if I happen to be up, morning is a productive time too.

4) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing with intention for a few years, but it all started when I was a kid, writing stories for fun and to impress my friends.

5) How do you maintain your regular job while writing?

I don’t always. If work is hectic, my writing suffers. And vice versa. I’m still working on creating that balance. Or maybe I secretly long to run off to a cabin in the woods and tease the bears with my stories. I may need to face that secret desire someday.

6) Do you have special places where you go to write?

My favorite spot is a haphazard “office”–the unfinished guest bedroom. I put together a crude writing desk in the closet, my plug-in Buddha, and portable jambox, and it’s the perfect getaway spot. The dogs visit. It’s a quite peaceful place.

7) Do you have any quirks when writing? Do you need to shut off your phone for the weekend or stay away from family and friends?

Is cursing considered a quirk? Hmm, I do need to hole myself away to get any concentrating done–I’m way too impressionable when it comes to the lure of easy entertainment (video games, movies, television, etc.)

8 ) What inspires you?

Most of my stories started as random unexpected associations–the kindly & the evil, innocence & manipulation, sex & clowns. I’ll just think about whatever occurs to me until I land on a nugget of an idea that feels “juicy” and then I start to dig.

9) Do you want to make a living from your wordsmith skills or are you doing this for fun?

My ultimate goal is to make my living writing stories–novels, hopefully.

10) What are your stories about? Are they fiction or non-fiction?

I write fiction, and will toss any genre in the mix to tell the story. As a result, I’ve written western horror stories, science fiction humor, crime mysteries, one fantasy love story (don’t ask.) Mostly, I gravitate toward stories incorporating elements of horror. Horror feels “juicy” to me.

11) Do you have a lesson in your stories? Do you have a philosophical or moral mission you are showing in your work?

I don’t have a particular message to convey, and definitely not a moral mission. I like to examine people, to experience various situations through their eyes and imagine how I might handle that circumstance. I like stretching the boundaries of what people can endure in my stories–not to be depraved, but to admire the resilience people have, and the ingenuity. Underneath all the psychological carnage in my stories, I’m a humanist.

12) What advice do you have for other authors?

I hesitate to offer advice, honestly. Okay, here’s one thing: never stop learning. Dedicating ourselves to becoming stronger writers is one thing, but I’d suggest taking it a bit further–learn as much as you can about the world and how it works. The more you expose yourself to, the deeper you allow yourself to consider, the better you’ll be as a writer and as a believable storyteller. Never be afraid to think, and to venture where others fear to explore.

13) Please write anything else you’d like for the Bookrix blog. 

Thanks for this opportunity to contribute to the Bookrix blog! I look forward to this site expanding and becoming a vibrant, essential online writing community, and appreciate having a friendly place to post some of my work. Here’s to great things happening at Bookrix!

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3 Responses to Featured BookRix Author: Laurie Paulsen

  • Ashley says:

    LAURIE!!! She’s one of the BEST writers around, I love reading her stuff over at Scribophile! *HUGS*

  • Stewart says:

    Good stuff, Laurie! :)

    But do you really write in a *closet*? Sounds too cramped to me. To each their own, I guess.

  • laurie says:

    ha! well, it’s a wide closet without doors. really, i’m just facing the wall. does that still count?
    thanks for your comments, you guys! yay!

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