Writer’s Block

Writer’s block

A change in attitude may be all you need to ignite your writing.

I have some ideas on how you can turn your daily ramblings into possible stories based on your real life.

If you find that you are blocked when you sit in front of your computer with the intention to write, talk out your ideas with a friend and record the conversation. Maybe you have a juicy or funny story that you’ve told a friend but you can’t seem to get it to shine when you write. Ask you friends to retell the story and record what they said. By hearing what they recall and the highlights they remember, you will know how to frame the tale to make it most appealing to readers.

Go through your emails to your friends and family. When you were writing straight from the heart about your life, you may not have been self-conscious about how you crafted your sentences because you were just writing for an audience of one person or a few people. See if those emails have any paragraphs that you can use for your story or essay. Raw, unedited, writing can be the most dramatic and fruitful prose that you can later re-work into an autobiographical essay or story.

Another idea is to think of writing a story or an essay as a discussion with a friend. Your notebook or computer is your friend listening to you speak.

Talk over your block with a friend. A good listener may be able to find the source of your block and help you get over it. You may be blind to what is keeping you from writing while it may be obvious to someone who knows you well.


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Susanna Zaraysky is a world traveler and polyglot whose goal is to empower people to be global citizens who are knowledgeable about world events and are confident international travelers and communicators. In June 2009, she will publish two books, Travel Happy, Budget Low (a guidebook on how to travel the world on a budget), and Language is Music (about how to learn foreign languages using music, TV, radio, film and other free and low-cost resources). Her website is: createyourworldbooks.com.

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