Thursday Tips: Publicizing Your Work

Who is your target market for your book or writing? Figure that out and then find them. They may be your biggest fans.

Yesterday, I was walking in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan talking to a Dominican writer friend, Miguel Vargas Caba. We just met two weeks ago at Book Expo America and he was very generous and picked me up at the airport yesterday in New York to take me to a meeting in Manhattan with a major media company relating to my book, Language is Music. Writers need to support each other!

Miguel has written a book, Bear Flight to Liberty, about Soviet airplane pilot defectors. I suggested he give talks in Russian or Soviet history classes in New York colleges and universities. He was surprised and delighted with the idea. He hadn’t thought of spreading the word about his book by giving talks in universities. Students of Soviet history are obvious candidates for his books.

Even though Miguel’s book is fictional, it is based on real historical events and situations. He had to do a lot of reading and research to create the foundations of his novel

If you are a non-fiction writer or have a fictional work based on real events. approach college professors about giving a talk about your work or offering to read part of your book to the class. This gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with a keen audience and get their feedback.

Think of groups of people who may be interested in your subject matter. Is your book a fictional Victorian romance? Find Yahoo, My Space or Facebook enthusiasts for Victorian history and literature and send them the link to your book with a small description of the subject matter.

You don’t have to look for readers in book clubs. Find affinity groups.


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Susanna Zaraysky is a world traveler and polyglot whose goal is to empower people to be global citizens who are knowledgeable about world events and are confident international travelers and communicators. In June 2009, she will publish two books, Travel Happy, Budget Low (a guidebook on how to travel the world on a budget), and Language is Music (about how to learn foreign languages using music, TV, radio, film and other free and low-cost resources). Her website is:

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