Thursday Tips: Finding A Place To Write

Finding a place to write

I wrote a few weeks ago about common excuses people make not to write. Yesterday, I was asked about my own writing regime. Honestly, I don’t have one. I don’t wake up before dawn to type away. But, I usually look for quiet places. However, I have written and edited on airplanes, sitting in the middle seat in a three seat section on a red-eye Los Angeles to New York flight. That was not an ideal situation, but I had a deadline.

If your home is too noisy, here are some suggestions of where and how to write:

1) Go to the library.
2) Work at a friend’s or relative’s house when they are gone at work.
3) Buy earplugs.
4) Work in a quiet stairwell in your office building. Make sure that you have good lighting.
5) Find a quiet cafe or restaurant that does not play music. Go there during their “quiet” hours and work. Ask the managers when the place is slow and go at those hours.
6) Work in a park early in the morning or when few people are present.
If you work in an office, ask if you can stay after hours when everyone has left to write.

Even if you have to work in the supply closet during lunch, just do it. It’s about your dedication. If you can’t think of a solution, ask your friends and relatives for suggestions. One of my friends let me stay in his farm house on a large organic farm in the middle of nowhere when I needed a break. You are bound to find a solution if you are genuinely seeking one.

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