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Social Media is an important piece of any well rounded book promotion. But more importantly you can build a relationship with your readers that can last a lifetime. It can and will deliver results, for example David Mathison pre-sold 5,004 books through Twitter in 11 days. But with so many social media web sites, it can become overwhelming too. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace or another social networking site? It’s important to focus and be active in whatever community your participate in. Today we will focus on how to create a Facebook public profile (this can be in addition to your private Facebook profile).

Public profiles allow anyone can access the page. More importantly, they allow your readers to become fans. This allows you to take advantage of the viral nature of Facebook. Your content will appear in your friends’ newsfeeds and their actions on your profile will appear on their friend’s newsfeeds.

The advantage of having a Facebook Public Profile is that you can keep it separate from your private profile that you share with your friends. You may not want your fans to see who your friends are or the kindergarten photos of you that your friends have posted. Your public profile can be what you show to your fans and your private profile can be for your select group of friends and family.

This is what you need to do to create a Public Profile:

  • Go to Facebook where you can find out more about Facebook public profile (page) features.
  • Create your page where you’ll select the category (Writer, Artist, Band or Public Profile) and specify your title in the drop down menu.
  • Enter your name, and your page has been created.
  • You’ll want to customize it with a profile picture. It should include any additional information about yourself.
  • Now invite your current Facebook friends by using the “Suggest To Friends” link underneath the profile picture. Also encourage them to use the feature once they’ve become a fan.
  • It’s important to include your Facebook public profile url in any of your other profiles and communications. Add it to your email signature or BookRix profile. Once you reach 100 fans, you will even be able to create a shorter vanity url like
  • It’s important to share as much information as you can with your fans to keep them engaged. Publish content to your Facebook public profile regularly. Content can include links, photos and videos which can easily be shared from the publisher (share) area.
  • Also listen to your fans and respond regularly. It’s important to be part of the conversation that’s taking place on your Facebook profile. You want to be seen as a participant.

There’s a lot more you can do with Facebook public profiles. You can create custom tabs linking your blog & Twitter. There are special applications and analytics, but these steps should help you get started with your own Facebook public profile. Good luck!

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