Featured Author: Yolanda Jackson

1) Your name- Yolanda A Jackson

2) Titles of the work you have on Bookrix (Please provide the link to the book cover)

Imaginary Friends, Peter Carrot-top, and The Prince and the Robot. link is=http://www.bookrix.com/library.html?lang=en&user=honeyyocat

3) What is your writing method? Do you wake up super early in the morning? Do you burn the midnight oil drinking coffee to stay awake while penning your passion?

I write between 6-8 pm with no interruptions and then I am free.this is a self discipline that  I made myself do to assure my time for my writing

4) How long have you been writing?

From the age of between nine and eleven.

5) How do you maintain your regular job while writing?

It is very hard. I have to be up by 6am and don’t get off until 3pm so that’s why I set time aside for my writing and then other activities

6) Do you have special places where you go to write?

By my bay window.  I stare out into the yard.

7) Do you have any quirks when writing? Do you need to shut off your phone for the weekend or stay away from family and friends?

No, my only big thing is that I have to turn the TV off or I will get submerge into it

8) What inspires you?

The love of creating a fantasy where anything goes,and is only limit by my imagination.

9) Do you want to make a living from your wordsmith skills or are you doing this for fun?

I will love to make a living from writing so I can be able to do this all day long and not worry about going to work the next day.

10) What are your stories about? Are they fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction/Fantasy mainly to inspire readers to imagine outside the norm

11) Do you have a lesson in your stories? Do you have a philosophical or moral mission you are showing in your work?

In my novel Peter Carrot-top, I wanted the readers especially children to know that it is alright to be yourself no matter how different they look, In Imaginary Friends, the message is the effects of an abuse child, and the Prince and the Robot is about how a small lie can make a bad situation worst. I love to implant lessons in my novels so that the readers can better relate in their own way.

12) What advice do you have for other authors?

Don’t give up on your dreams, I too am still dreaming of the prefect novel, but if I give up I will never known if I had it or not.

13) Please write anything else you’d like for the Bookrix blog.

I am working on a tremendous fantasy novel, hopefully will rival that of Harry Potter keeping my fingers crossed. My readers can learn more about me at www.YolandaJackson.com.

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