Featured Author: RD Larson

1) Your name: RD Larson

2) Titles of the work you have on Bookrix

Tahki’s Milk Sky

Losing Touch

Foster Care

Yellow Thunder-bird

Christmas on Red Dog Road

Wind from the Edge of the Cloud

Lipstick and Powder

3) What is your writing method? Do you wake up super early in the morning? Do you burn the midnight oil drinking coffee to stay awake while penning your passion?

I’m a night owl and sometimes I’m awake all night. Once I start to write a story or write a scene in a book I can’t stand to leave it until I see what will happen. I never know how it will go and it’s almost like reading someone else’s story or novel. Of course on long pieces I am dedicated to each section as it comes to my mind.

4) How long have you been writing?

I rewrote the Oz stories when I was a kid; I wanted the monkey to stay around and some of the characters, Gliinda and the Munchkins. I had to make up my own stories for that. I read a lot because I wasn’t very healthy. I wrote and gave a hand puppet play in the local library. I also won two big contests when I was ten and fourteen. As I grew older I thought I might teach art and art history. Then I became a stay-at-home mom and a part time worker. When my children were older I worked at many different jobs. My education is in Criminal Justice so I naturally lean toward mysteries. I guess I would have to say I’ve always been writing.

5) How do you maintain your regular job while writing?

In 2000 I gave up working to write full time. I have never been sorry, not even when I was broke. I made up my mind to do without a lot of things.

6) Do you have special places where you go to write?

I have a huge messy office that looks out into the woods where I see deer, foxes and eagles.

7) Do you have any quirks when writing? Do you need to shut off your phone for the weekend or stay away from family and friends?

I try to stay away from everybody and everything. Most of the time I don’t hear the phone or anyone talking to me. I get wound up in my own stories and other people’s stories so I guess I am just focused.

8 ) What inspires you?

Snatches of conversation that I hear, outrageous behavior I hear about, crimes and news, life events, and, of course, always the dreams. Plus sometime my characters (I call them my people) are so alive that they tell me their stories in bits and pieces.

9) Do you want to make a living from your wordsmith skills or are you doing this for fun?

I keep trying to make a living but if I bring enjoyment and a get-away-from-it story to some other person then I feel I’ve done my job. I make a bargin with every reader that says I will try to write my best if you will be open to read my story. It works for me. I hope it works for my readers as well.

10) What are your stories about? Are they fiction or non-fiction?

I write both but I prefer fiction. I write some political articles and a few how to do articles, I also write essays one of which was published in Guide Posts. I have sold many stories and articles. I’m finishing my fourth book. Evil Angel was just re-released in the US and is at Amazon.com. I wrote Saving Reverend Clayton with Louise Ulmer and Mama Tried to Raise a Lady. I have been published in many anthologies. 1

11) Do you have a lesson in your stories? Do you have a philosophical or moral mission you are showing in your work?

No, I don’t believe that is my calling, although I do have opinions. In Tahki’s Milk Sky I think of it as a cautionary tale. What advice do you have for other authors? Write every day, as much as you can or at least for an hour. Don’t rewrite until it’s dull. Go with your passion for the story. Fix your typos because they will glare to the reader. (This is my personal bugaboo.)

12) Please write anything else you’d like for the Bookrix blog.

Joseph Campbell also said, “Follow your bliss and you will be happy.” Writing is my bliss. I hope readers find enjoyment in my words. I feel Bookrix gives me this opportunity. Thank you for interviewing me.

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