Thursday Tips From Katherine Angela Yeboah

BookRix author Katherine Angela Yeboah gives us her tips on writing and marketing
Author of Lucid, out now in paperback and e-book (multiple formats).

How do you find the time to work on your novels?

Good question! In today’s fast-paced world, it is difficult for many of us to find a spare moment in our busy days. Since we can’t make the days longer (trust me, I’ve tried), us writers need to make sure we’re using our time efficiently. Even if you can only write for half an hour, you can make that time count if you focus and give your undivided attention to your craft! You might want to try shutting off the phone, TV, stereo and all those other noisy gadgets that can distract us from our purpose!

How do you motivate yourself?

I like to reward myself for my hard work. After all…I’ve earned it! I’ll tell myself that if I really knuckle down and work my tail off for the next two hours, afterward I can take a break and watch my favorite TV show/eat something delicious/go for a bike ride, etc.
Marketing Tips

Now that your book is published, how do you spread the word to all those lovely readers out there?

The web is a fantastic place to promote your work. There are many social networking hubs and writer/reader related websites (like the wonderful BookRix!!!) that you can join for free.

Okay, so you’ve signed up for a bunch of websites…what do you do now?

1) Share your Blurb.

Post a short and gripping description of your book on every website you can.

2) Write a Blog.

There, you can make announcements such as novel releases, book signings, good reviews your stories have received, etc.

3) Post Photos and Videos.

Upload your book cover, and any promo photos or videos you have created, to social networking sites and content sharing sites such as YouTube, Flickr and PhotoBucket.

4) Request a Book Review.

There are plenty of websites that do book reviews. Lots of them will accept electronic copies of your work (PDF file, word document, etc.) which don’t cost you anything to send. A great book review can create a positive buzz about your novel.

5) Post Excerpts or Sample Chapters.

With your publisher’s permission, you can add sample chapters from your novel to sites like BookRix! Upload the first two or three chapters of your book. Include a purchase link so that readers who are enticed by your free sample know where to go to buy the complete book.

6) Write Articles.

Compose articles related to your book’s topic. If your novel is a murder mystery about a maniac on a killing spree, do a little research on the web (remember to cite your sources) and write an article about famous serial killers. Add a paragraph at the end of the article about your book, explaining that there is an exciting new novel out regarding this subject. You can then post this article on various websites. Don’t forget to include your book’s purchase URL.

7) Create a Mailing List.

Invite those who visit your webpages to sign up so that you can update them on all your publishing news.

8 ) Write Short Stories.

Compose shorts in the same genre as your novel. Send them off to relevant magazines, websites and writing contests. If your short stories get published or receive recognition in competitions, this may help you to form a fan base in your chosen genre. If possible, include an author byline that mentions the book you are trying to promote.

9) Join Groups

Find groups on BookRix, Yahoo, Google, Ning, etc. which relate to the theme of your novel (e.g. vampires, detectives, horses, etc.) There you can make friends that share your interests and join discussions to promote your book.

Katherine Angela Yeboah
Author of Lucid, out now in paperback and e-book (multiple formats)

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