Featured Author: Margaret Holt

1) Your name:

I present myself as: M

2) Titles of the work you have on Bookrix

New Beginning Book

I am finishing up my second book this week to submit.

3) What is your writing method?

I have a rather individual writing style. I write as I am in the mood to write. My words and thoughts are based on personal experience and feelings. I express myself as I see fit. I am very passionate about how my thoughts and ideals are presented.

4) How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since 1998. But I have never published anything because I am a rather private person.

5) How do you maintain your regular job while writing?

I own my own healthcare consulting business, a full time mother, and healthcare executive in a long term care facility. This affords me limited time to write but it is relaxing and a great way to express my innermost thoughts.

6) Do you have special places where you go to write?

I tend to write where ever I get the mood. There is no special place nor time.

7) Do you have any quirks when writing? Do you need to shut off your phone for the weekend or stay away from family and friends?

No there are no special quirks that I have. I am just the kind of person who just goes with the flow of my mind at that moment. I cherish the quiet moments with a loved one who can appreciate the way I think.

8) What inspires you?

Love, passion, excepting people as they are and not what we choose for them to be. Personal thoughts, experiences, and deep rooted convictions.

9) Do you want to make a living from your wordsmith skills or are you doing this for fun?

I would like to make a living from this but I would also be satisfied with just writing.

10) What are your stories about? Are they fiction or non-fiction?

They are non-fiction. I write about the experiences that I have and that I have heard from others that intrigue my mind. Everyone needs to be heard.

11) Do you have a lesson in your stories? Do you have a philosophical or moral mission you are showing in your work?

I try to show even though we may not understand the thoughts of others they are their thoughts. We are not the judge jury and executioner of the thoughts and ideals of another person. They have their right to freely express themselves.

12) What advice do you have for other authors?

Be true to your thougths and ideals because they are “yours” and belong to no one else. Be true to yourself no matter what. At the end of the day, ask yourself were you true to yourself or did you conform to the wants, needs, and desires of another? Express yourself and present yourself as an individual. Sometimes it is acceptable to step outside of the “societal box”. When you do that, it makes people take note of what you say (even if it is to criticize). No matter what stay, be true to your individual way of expression.

13) Please write anything else you’d like for the BookRix blog.

As writers, we are sometimes drawn to say and express things others are afraid to say. That is why we exist. We are sometimes the outlet for the frustrations of another who cannot speak and do not have the words to say. Be that sounding board for those who have no voice or are afraid to speak. Be that person who steps out on faith with a new idea or ideal. Be that person who in the midst of adversity decides to say and speak out against oppression and those who are afraid to speak. Quite simply…Be That Voice.

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