Thursday Tips: Writing from the heart daily

Several times, people tell me that they want to write and then get stopped because their analytical mind takes over. Try waking up earlier than usual and writing before your logical mind is fully lucid. You need to write with your heart and edit with your mind. These are two separate functions. Think of when you are most awake and do your editing during that time.

If you are stuck, make yourself write every day. Write about your weird anecdotes, your stupid boss, your funny little nephew. Just write. The daily habit of writing is key when you can’t think of something novel to say. I get a lot of my funny writing done in my emails that I send to my friends. Funny or bizarre situations happen to me constantly and they are great comic relief material for my friends. If you have a slew of dating disasters, office horror stories or whatever, write it out. You may find your niche in your daily life.

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