Featured Author: Ann Leverette

Ann Leverette discusses her two BookRix books, Take My Serenity and  A Beautiful Lie.

1. What does the title of Take My Serenity mean?

In reference to Take My Serenity , its meaning is peacefulness. Take My Serenity is to say take my peace away.

2. What point of view is the story from?

I believe we all have a conscience and the bad and the good sitting on your shoulder, the devil and the angel. This story is told from the devil’s side, the bad side.

3. What is the cover of Take My Serenity about?

The cover is a picture of a girl who is half demon and half angel. It represents confusion, anger and doubt because one of those sides is going to take over and it is up to you to choose which one you surrender to.

4. What is the meaning of this line from Take My Serenity, “How am I living my life with out me in it?”

It means you are just drifting by yourself physically but your spirit is already dead. It’s the demons argument. Why are you still living life this way? Release yourself to me and the pain will be gone.

5. What is the eternal fight?

The eternal fight is an internal fight that we all face that will never end; it is an everlasting battle within our mind and spirit that taunts us. The winner will be whichever you feed the most because that will be the one that grows.

6. What does the title of A Beautiful Lie mean?

A Beautiful Lie is a figure of speech because how can a lie be beautiful? It simply means it’s a lie that you refuse to see negatively. A lie is something that is not real.

7. From whose point of view is the story?

This story is told from every lover’s point of view. From every one who has loved and lost to every one who has hurt someone, everyone who regrets losing the one they let go.

8. What does the cover of A Beautiful Lie mean?

The cover of the book is more than what meets the eye; it’s a broken heart. The heart is also plastic as is almost saying “if I had a heart to have a heart”, meaning that its feelings are real, but it is an artificial heart trying to conjure real emotions.

9. What is the meaning of this line from A Beautiful Lie, “I want a sugarcoated life I know I could do better, but the good book told me to think twice” mean?

Have you ever heard the saying I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you? Well it means I’m not going to make things seem better than they really are for your benefit. The line”I want a sugarcoated life” really means that I don’t want to face reality.

“I know I could do better but the Good Book told me to think twice.” What does this line mean? Actually it is a contradiction towards the bible in a way; it’s looking at the meaning of values. You should always think twice before making a decision. That’s the moral this statement is taking it into context.

10. Why does the book say “We all  regret our sins”

To answer that question, you have to determine what you call a sin. Losing a lover is not the sin, but this book is referencing committing adultery. You just have to look deeper.

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