Rescue Me!

The Plight of an Incomplete Hero

By: Tyrone Vincent Banks

  They lurk in the darkest crevices of our subconscious without form and without purpose. They were sired by some of our darkest fears, dreams and wishes. Before they were formed their creators spent hours, days, weeks and even years contemplating who and what they’d be. They knew in advance the exact map of their genetic code, their lineage, their culture, their life’s mission and how they’d end their life. They were given dreams; goals and ambitions – yet – some of them will never see the light of day or spend one glorious day in print.

  Are you guilty? Have you started to create a character when your enthusiasm was at its highest level and allowed him or her to fizzle out as you lost interest? I’m guilty and a lot of my characters are trapped in an odd place between my mind and the keyboard. If I really think of my unfinished works there are about twenty different characters that I’ve left in this state. There are some created as lead actors while the others are just “stand-ins” – who are trapped in some most unfortunate predicaments.

  I can recall the creation of an inventor on the verge of starting a revolution. I can vaguely remember a warrior just inches away from his enemy’s spear. There’s even a guy out there about to tell his leading lady that he loves her for the first time. Some of my characters have been formed internally while they lack hands, feet, eyes and bodies. So, what are we going to do about it?

  I have a suggestion, actually I have two suggestions; either finish what you have started or at least develop your characters and find somewhere nice for them to wait for you to stop by and make them whole. Writer’s block can be a challenge and it even kept me away from a project for eight years. Can you imagine… eight years of my character’s life unaware of his purpose and lifespan? Eight years of writing and rewriting and even inventing a character on page 10 and finishing a book without mentioning him or her again!

  While we wait for inspiration our creations call out; “Rescue me!” Set them free today because there’s a whole world waiting to meet them.

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