Lovers Dance

By: David Wood


   – Look into my eyes, look at the hypnotic essence of my stare. As my strong but gentle hand scoops you up, and we begin to glide over the dance floor, like the fog does over the water. My hot breath breathing on your neck, ear lobe. Not letting you go, as you stare into my hypnotic eyes. Your arm over my shoulder, the other holding my face near yours. As you bring up a leg while I steady your balance, I slide a open hand across your shin, like that of a violin. We begin bringing the audience’s stare, as they are captivated by our dance. We are performing the “Love Makers Dance” as we take over the dance floor. Like a hot fever leaving them breathless and thirsting for more. -


  Now let’s take a look at this passage and what it has done:

  1) Simply by using a little imagination and a picture that I had seen, it has presented you a subject.

  2) You need to help the reader(s) see in their minds what you are describing. Give them the feeling of being there and seeing what you write about.

  3) At times, using a little imagination and actual happenings from your life, can be useful when writing on-line. They can draw the reader into your thoughts as you express them from your heart, and not just going through a dictionary looking for words. I, for example, try making it as simple as possible for the reader as I can, that means that more people are willing to read my writing. Some authors like using giant words or words that you have to look up in the dictionary. If you’re stuck and not sure what to write about, try looking at different pictures, or people for that matter, and imagine what they are thinking about.


  I hope this works, I tried by using a little story that I wrote to show a form of subject and how it draws some readers into the story.

  David Wood

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