Hello Goodbye!

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”  ~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

Ever sAyeletince I was young, I would read like mad. Sitting around for 5 or 6 hours straight only getting up for water, food and bathroom breaks (sorry for being unladylike), but even then, reading the whole time. So working as the community manager for the BookRix community was a natural fit for me.

I started in the community November 2009 and have seen it grow steadily since then. Of course, more new members have joined us, but also the community has become much more active and overall there’s a great community feel now.

Writers have improved their writing; readers have found new favorite authors to love; and everyone has found great, lit-crazy friends. I know I have.

However, at the end of May, I will be leaving the community in my official capacity. It is simply time for me to move on and stretch my creative boundaries, and allow someone else to enjoy this community as much as I have.

This community is so wonderful, friendly and supportive – I’ve often thought of myself as blessed to be a part of this family. There are too many people to thank personally here, but I am so glad to have known you all and I plan to remain a part of the site through a different username (I just don’t have it set up just yet ;-) . Please message me for now through my “ayelet” account.

Lineh Derderian

Now for the “hello” part of this post:

I’m happy to introduce Lineh Derderian, the new Community Manager of BookRix.com! I’ve been helping her get accustomed to the community and really believe that you all are in very good hands with Lineh.

Thanks for the good times!


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12 Responses to Hello Goodbye!

  • Soooooo sad to see you leave, but on the other hand, stretching those creative boundaries is a GREAT thing. BEST to you, Ayelet:) It isn’t really like you’re leaving; you’ll still be among us in this fabulous community of wackos and geniuses:)
    Lineh! Wonderful news! We’ll be solidly behind her!


  • paula shene says:

    I am sorry {for myself and all other tech less authors needing our links} that you are stepping aside but do fully understand transition into the ‘private sector’ and the introduction of your replacement. I want also to say hello to Lineh who, I’m sure knows she has ‘big shoes’ to put on.

    Your graciousness, Ayelet, in helping me learn {sometimes still helping with the same old problems] swiftly and with kindness has been a large reason why I love this community. Analytical and courteous very seldom go hand in hand but you are the epitome of both. This has made you an effective leader.

    I am so glad you will be staying and look forward to your friendship.

  • Wayne Tilden says:

    Ayelet, I, for one, will really miss you. You were always my “go-to-guy” when I got stuck trying to do the impossible. You always kindly helped me solve it without making me think that I just couldn’t get it. I usually did with your help.

    Thanks, Ayelet


    I’m every bit as sure that you can handle everything that Ayelet has done for us all. If you couldn’t, she wouldn’t have recommended you in the first place. I look forward to being able to work with you.

    She surely left you with a lot with the coming eBook publishing platform and with the later traditional publishing platform.

    Best of luck to you!


  • Valerie Fee says:

    Ayelet – thanks for your support, advice and calm presence during the time I have been on Bookrix (January 2010 to now). You will be sorely missed by everyone. I wish you much success in whatever path you choose to travel and look forward to remaining your “friend” here on this site. Keep well and good luck in your new career. Hope you will let us know where you decide to “land”. All the best, Valerie

  • Blackbeard says:

    When I first joined BookRix, like all new comers I had problems navigating the site. You have made me feel welcome. You never fluffed off any questions I asked. You took your time to explain and guide me through the site. I thank you for that. I for one (I’m sure there will be many others as well)will miss you.

  • Thanks Jack, Valerie, Paula, Patrick and Wayne – I’ve greatly enjoyed interacting with you all for different reasons (which I don’t have the space to enumerate here). I will definitely send you all friend requests when I have my personal account. You have such talent with your writing and I can’t wait to see you become famous authors!

  • Composer says:

    Step away from the scene for two shakes of a tail feather and the whole world changes. i have been missing for just a while and knew without a doubt that as soon as i came back to civilization Ayelet would be there to hold my hand and bring me home.

    Normally this is the point in a piece where you go on and whine and lament and blame and complain but I won’t. You know why- of course you don’t, only I do because I am the author; Ha haha (this is an evil laugh and my hands are bunched like manacles) haha Ha.

    Doing anything but wishing you the best and praying for your good fortune would make me a bad friend. The help you gave me when I was new here, the tips, the direction, the patience. there is no one I can think of more deserving of a look up- so good luck in your new endevour and may your new family benefit from your vast knowledge as we did.

    See you around on the site dear.



    I look forward to working with you; having come highly recommended by Ayelet I have no doubt we will have us a whale of a time.

  • Andy says:


    I’m sad to see you go! Thank you for everything you did for the BookRix community. Glad to hear you’ll still be a part of it! See you around…

  • Writingmum says:

    HI Ayelet
    Remember me? I just found out you’re leaving Bookrix, so I thought I’d pop in to say adieu.
    Wishing you lots of success.
    Best wishes

  • We are a better community for having had you with us. Good luck to you in everything you set out to do. May God be with you, and all your dreams come true.

  • Robynn Gabel says:

    OOOOOHHHH Noooo! Who will calm my panic when I hit the wrong button and can’t find my work!! I have so enjoyed your calm, humorous responses to my computer challenged mistakes. Will miss you dearly. Yet, am so happy that you have greener pastures calling your creative soul. Congratulations! Robynn

  • ashok bagga says:

    God bless you.Hoping to get communication in future too.

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