Is Amazon Losing its eBook Domination?

As digital publishing explodes, more and more players are tossing their hats into the ring—including authors, publishers and device manufacturers. How is this affecting the long-time industry leader, Amazon?


Since launching its revolutionary, best-selling Kindle eReader in 2007, Amazon enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the digital book market until recently. In the third quarter of 2010, the Kindle device retained a smaller, yet still impressive 41.5% market share, representing 1.14 million of 2.7 million eReaders sold during that period.

However, the online giant is rapidly losing ground to up-and-coming competitors like Apple’s iPad tablet, Sony, Pandigital, Kobo and the Barnes & Noble Nook, which now claims 25% of the eReader market.

When it comes to eBook sales Amazon still reigns supreme, boasting 950,000 digital titles that represent 60-65% of the market, as announced at BookExpo America last month. This past January, Kindle sales surpassed paperbacks in the Amazon online store and as of one month ago, they are outselling all printed books offered by the company.

If the iPad2 and Nook Color continue gaining in popularity, Amazon will be challenged to maintain its domination of the eReader and eBook markets. They have already responded by offering a lower-priced, ad-supported version of the Kindle, and it will be interesting to see what comes next.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to keep you updated at Between the Lines, our BookRix blog!

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5 Responses to Is Amazon Losing its eBook Domination?

  • I agree that Amazon is on the run. As a newly published author I am now receiving solicitations for publication like never before. I think people noticed that I first published traditionally then via Createspace (Amazon). I love the attention. It can’t hurt the prospects for my next novel. Its the the free market working according to its competitive nature.
    Michael M. Pacheco
    Author of The Guadalupe Saints and Seeking Tierra Santa

  • Perhaps the most interesting thing about this article is the sudden explosion in ebook sales! This offers all of us struggling authors new impetus to continue on in view of the fact that traditional publishing venues are shrinking.

  • Wayne Tilden says:

    More than “just” the article and the comment, above, now that they are being “forced” to charge sales tax to California, all “associates’” accounts are being discontinued.

    Now what?

  • Ryan Matthew Harker says:

    It’s exciting to be a part of the industry at this time! So many wonderful changes are occurring making it so much more inviting to be an author. I’ve asked myself in the past why I wasn’t more motivated to do something with writing earlier, now I believe I’m beginning to understand why.

  • Virginia Brooks says:

    Technology, which is supposed to connect others from all corners of the earth has in fact in my eyes ruined everything. As awful as the economy is artist, authors,… are struggling to get by, not because of their lack of accomplishments but simply because of the uproar and sophistication of modern and new technology. We don’t handwrite papers for education purposes anymore we type them, “it looks more official and proper”… well yeah so does legible handwriting. I was never even taught how to write in cursive now I can barely read it. Instead of mailing letters to people on simple occasions it emails… Not much thought goes into an email that probably took two minutes of thought and could have even been sent out by someone else. And most of all what has happened to the daily newspapers, we have depended on them for so many years and now we depend on technology to clue us in on the “every moment” updates which may and are more likely to be false. For example we are trusting bloggers who have access to the internet just like I, writing this blog. Though we are able to connect to millions of people more easily and efficiently so many of the jobs and customs that out world has been built off of are slowly dying away. :’(

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