Spring into Action this Season!

A lot of us made New Years resolutions for 2012. Learn a new hobby, exercise more, eat healthy, etc. Ok, ok.. those were mine. But many of you talked about something much bigger: Writing and publishing your book. Hopefully you’re still going full speed and are getting closer and closer to that goal each day. But if you’re anything like me, or people I know, you might need a little encouragement around now to stay on track.

A clean workspace does wonders for your brain!

A clean workspace does wonders for your brain!

People often associate this time of year with “Spring Cleaning”. I know I do. But instead of cleaning out our closets, pantries and garages, let’s shift focus and look at some additional things in need of a little TLC, shall we?

Write, Write, Right! Talking about writing is one thing, but sitting down and actually writing is another. Don’t be all talk and no type! Make a commitment to yourself that seems fair and stick with it. Something simple, like “I’m going to write for one hour every day before bed”. Getting yourself into a writing routine is a great way to stay on track.

Out With the Clutter: Is your work desk getting overrun with papers, odds ‘n ends, coupons, crafts and doggie treats? De-clutter! Set your timer for 20 minutes and go to town. Straighten up, organize and clean up your work space. Desk looking a little dull? Put some flowers in a vase or add a few photos to liven things up.

Inspired Mind = Creative Mind: Some day’s creativity spills from your fingertips effortlessly. Other days you feel stagnant, repetitious, and unmotivated. Days like the latter can be discouraging, but its important not to let them get you down. Feeling uninspired? Try writing in a new environment. Coffee shops, parks, libraries, museums, and art galleries are all writer friendly. Break up the monotony and venture out!

Don’t Forget to Mingle: I’ve never particularly liked the word “networking”, but I love what it represents. Making connections, staying in contact, cultivating friendships, maintaining relationships – it’s so important, yet easily overlooked when writing is your primary focus.  Look at it this way: If you build and maintain these relationships while you’re working on your book, you won’t have to start from scratch once you’ve finished! Stay in the know. Check out what’s going on in your community. Book fairs, book readings, theatre events, author events, etc. Get out there and make yourself known!

Update Your Online Presence: How’s your BookRix profile looking these days? Is it up to date? Are you active in our community? Engaging with other authors and readers? If not, log in and take charge. Add a new profile pic! Let everyone know what you’ve been up to! Share what you’re working on, what books you’ve recently read, and what events you plan on attending.

Have an idea you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

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