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It’s no surprise that eBooks are taking over the publishing market. I know this. I mean, I work for BookRix. ePublishing is what we do! But its one thing to read headlines and eyeball trends, and another thing to witness the evolution with your own eyes.

Earlier this week, I found myself at Starbucks redeeming some old Christmas gift cards that were burning a hole in my wallet. I realize they’re four months old, but I tend to frequent my local ‘mom & pop’ coffee shops more since they need the business. While standing in line contemplating their selection of pastries, I noticed three men standing in front of me. Each of them had an iPad in hand, scrolling away with their fingers. A year ago, these men would’ve had a Smartphone stuck to their ears, forcing everyone within a 15 foot radius to listen to their one sided phone conversation (I hate that). But on this day, all I could hear was the melancholy crooning of Thom Yorke seeping out from the speakers in the ceiling above me. I’m not gonna lie… I was kind of amazed. Glancing around at the cluster of tables I saw numerous folks captivated by their electronic devices. Without staring, I counted 3 laptops, 2 MP3 players, 1 Smartphone (their finger movement made me think they were playing a game), and 5 eReaders. That’s 8 eReaders if I count the 3 in line!

This Croatian coffee shop offers iPads to their customers to read the newspaper. Wow!

This Croatian coffee shop offers iPads to their customers to read the newspaper. Wow!

Later the same day, I saw two (separate) women pushing carts through my local grocery store with their iPads propped up in the child’s seat. Lists maybe? A few days later at the car wash, I sat among 6 other folks waiting for our vehicles. The woman to my right and her son (at a guess I’d say he was 12) were each using a Kindle Fire. Seeing them so deeply engrossed made me annoyed that I’d left mine at home.

My book consumption is a mixture of old school and new school. I love my Kindle and its lightning fast speed. I’ll see a book on Amazon I’ve been lusting after and within seconds it’s mine to enjoy. What’s not to like about that? But there are also times when I want nothing more than the feel of a nice soft paperback in my hands. I love the look of a crisp new book and the familiar scent of ink and paper that consumes me as I flip through its pages. It’s nice to have options! But one thing is for sure – eReaders are taking the nation by storm. Feeling skeptical? Take a look around.

Which do YOU prefer? eReaders or paper all the way? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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