Tolkien Rips Off ‘Harry Potter’ a Lot: Umm, really?

We recently became aware of a situation on IMDB. Yes, that’s right. The Internet Movie Database served as the landing spot for a strange accusation from user “brian__007” a few days ago. This users post ignited a fire under J.R.R. Tolkien fans and caused quite a stir in the community. Some were outraged by the users sheer lack of knowledge. Others perceived it as humorous and helped fan the flames. Unfortunately, IMDB removed the post and the many comments that followed. However we managed to save the initial post for your reading pleasure.

On Tuesday, June 19th, 2012, username “Brian__007” made the following post on an IMDB message board for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Enjoy.

The Hobbit

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4 Responses to Tolkien Rips Off ‘Harry Potter’ a Lot: Umm, really?

  • Skadi says:

    Looks like Brian’s laughing all the way to, well, not necessarily the bank. But he’s laughing at most of you, the brilliant satirist. He is my new hero.

  • Hawksleigh says:

    The ultimate fail, Brians IQ must be 007. I fear may never stop laughing at this matter. There taking the Mugles to Isengard…

  • Asisa says:

    Satire or not – does it matter?
    If not satire, then this guy is someone really stupid – a bit hard to believe as the knowledge of so much Tolkien somehow must have come across the age of the books – esp. since it’s mentioned in the various footers.

    If Satire, then really impolite towards Rowling. Although I laughed out loud too in the beginning.
    I believe that Harry Potter has earned his fame as a great work of literature. Honestly, Tolkien has written the first piece of fantasy literature (or at least defined this genre) a few decades ago and even though I have a library full of fantasy books in my house there is almost no author who has not taken at least a bit of Tolkien. Why? Because the human brain can only imagine as much and if you want to you can find parallels to Tolkien in almost every fantasy book written afterwards (even if the author has never read any of J.R.s work). You can then compare fairy tales hundreds of years old and accuse Tolkien of ripping off legends and fairy tales. What’s wrong with that?

    I like both: Rowlings Potter and Toliens work – they are for a slightly different audience and each one a masterpiece of literature. Not good to offend any of them (even though T. is dead). The only right someone might have to say something so impolite against them would be if he or she were an original writer with appr. the same fame, similar number of audience and similar skill. Most of us aren’t though. The right to critize without acknowledging the work should be earned as well.

  • Colin says:

    This just makes me wish there was a way to have a Tolkien audio commentary track… not that the extended LOTR didn’t already have enough commentary tracks…

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