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Do you love a good mystery? Have you ever wanted to solve one? Well, now’s your chance to create your very own suspenseful, spine-tingling tale of adventure. Simply select a detective from the list below and the case you would like your detective to solve. The rest is up to your own imagination. Simply spin a little yarn to describe the crime that was committed and how the identity of the guilty culprit was unmasked. If you prefer, you may come up with your own detective or case. Good luck!


  1. Jenna Taylor – Rich kid, started private detective agency with Daddy’s money. Wants to prove her independence.
  2. Pearline Bailey – Elderly widow, took over her husband’s private detective agency. Solves cases to pass the time.
  3. Eddie Reynolds – Former bad boy, became an undercover agent to help catch criminals. Seeks to prove his honor.
  4. Harry Mason – Middle-aged police detective, worked on the force for decades. Lives for hauling in city hoodlums.
  5. Inspector “X” – Gender and origins unknown, superhero who appears where needed. Apprehends the guilty culprits.


  1. The Missing Faberge Egg – Who stole this priceless family heirloom?
  2. The Haunted Manor – Is this old mansion really inhabited by ghosts?
  3. The Injured Skateboarder – Who pushed this skater during practice?
  4. The Doctored Champagne – Why did someone poison this family?
  5. The Ransacked Building – What was the searcher trying to locate?
  6. The Mysterious Stranger – Who is the person lurking in the shadows?
  7. The Slain Newlyweds – Why did someone want to kill this couple?


1st place- $75 Amazon gift card

2nd place- $25 Amazon gift card


*There is no page or word limit. However, the recommended word count is: 500 – 1,500

*One can enter up to 3 times, if they wish

*The contest runs from July 5 – July 25, 2012, 11:59 pm EST

*Entries should be placed in the Mystery & Suspense group, in the appropriate contest thread when it opens on July 5th.

*Be sure to state which detective you are using and which case you are solving in the blurb summary for your book.


*The 2 winners will be determined by a separate panel of judges

If you have any questions, please direct them to member:

Click HERE to get more info on how to enter contests.

Click HERE to find out how to link a book in a thread.

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