July Contest Winners Revealed!

Photo: berryreview.com

Photo: berryreview.com

Doesn’t it feel good to win? We love participating, and the anticipation of obtaining votes. Watching them tally can be really exciting! But nothing beats the victorious feeling of a win. Just ask the folks with the fancy ribbons and medals in the Olympics. We hear they’re pretty stoked.

Let’s start off by listing each contest, a little info about what they entailed and who took home the big prizes!

Drabble 100 Word Challenge

Drabbles are extremely short stories of exactly 100 words. Each book was made up of 3 separate drabbles stories in it. Hard to pull off, but these guys did it!

First Place – $300 Amazon gift card – Winner: Preston Randall Book: Mom, Dad & Me
Second Place – $200 Amazon gift card – Winner: Tanya Black Book: Love Drabbles
Third place – $100 Amazon gift card – Winner: Timur Book: Fire, Ice & Thunder

Kiss Me Challenge

We have asked you to write a little something about…you guessed it…A KISS! Anything at all that relates to a kiss, about a kiss, with a kiss, a kissing scene, a kiss in the rain, kissing on a camel. We were pretty open about it. And look what ya’ll came up with!

Top 3 Winners received a $25 Amazon gift card. The winners (in no specific order) are:

Winner: J. A. Winter Book: First Kiss, Winner: Jess Wygle Book: Long Awaited, Winner: Morosanu Lucia Book: Momentary Ecstasy

Blog About BookRix Challenge

Regardless of what type of blogger you are (even if you are a new to the blogging world) BookRix asked you to share your blogging abilities with us.

1st Place: $75 Amazon gift card – Winner: Glynis Rankin aka Ripples Blog: Imaginings
2nd Place: $50 Amazon gift card – Winner: Naty Matos Blog: The Rising Muse
3rd place: $25 Amazon gift card – Winner: L. Avery Brown Blog: When a Southern Woman Rambles

High fives all around!


The BookRix team

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