World Cat Day: Why Cats are better than Dogs

For thousands of years, spanning back over generations of pet owners, there has been one long and infinite battle:

Cat Lovers versus Dog Lovers.

August 8th is International Cat Day, so here’s our chance to prove once and for all – Cat’s Rule and Dogs Drool!

Top Ten reasons why cats are superior to dogs:

10. Cats are toilet trained. Never in the history of animal domestication has a cat owner had to wake up at 6am to let the cat outside to do its business. While the litter-box might be smelly to some, I know I will always choose a little poop scooping over being outside, freezing to death in the middle of winter while waiting for a dog that can’t get his act together and GO ALREADY!

9. Cats are independent. They don’t need us to constantly validate their existence by rubbing their stomachs and feeding them treats. We can keep up the routine of our lives without having to rearrange everything to accommodate our furry friends. Cats clean themselves, walk themselves and can often be seen entertaining themselves in useful ways such as fly catching.

8. Cats are more peaceful. There is nothing worse than sitting down to relax with a nice book and a cup of tea, just to be jarred out of your zen-like state by a barking dog. And you might be wondering “What is that dog barking at?” but unfortunately, you’ll never know. Nobody will ever know. Barking at nothing is a canine specialty, which brings us to:

7. Cats are more sophisticated. How often do you see a cat eating its own poop or rolling around in dead animal carcass? Never. How often do you see a dog pooping on your neighbor’s front lawn or drinking from the toilet? Always. Point proven.

6. Cats don’t beg for food. You can leave cat food out in the bowl all day long, secure in the knowledge that your cat will eat when it’s hungry. The second you sit down to dinner, a dog will be right next to you with its perfected version of “sad puppy-eyes,” making you feel guilty that you ever wanted to eat a meal without sharing.

5. Cats show their emotions without freaking out. When you pet them, they purr, when they love you, they gently rub against your leg to show affection. When a dog gets excited, it jumps onto your clean white shirt while slobbering all over your face. If a cat is upset, it avoids you, making things easier for everyone. When a dog is upset, it whimpers, yelps, growls and looks at you like you just tried to eat its puppies for dinner.

4. Cats don’t require fancy toys. Have some string lying around? Perfect, that‘ll keep your cat busy all day. Dog sitting? Well, you better get used to squeaky toys, long walks and games of fetch that often end with you chasing the dog down the street in an attempt to retrieve the stick.

3. Cats have their own unique personalities. I’ve had pet cats that: sleep all day and get fat; go outdoors and join the local feline gang; enjoy eating muffins and canned corn; love to snuggle in bed; jump really high to bad rap music; enjoy chasing only one specific piece of ribbon; like watching television, and finally; wash their heads under the tap. Dog personalities are always exactly the same, they all: drink from the toilet; beg at the table; get scared during a thunder storm; pee on the floor when they’re nervous/excited; bark every time someone walks by the house, and finally; rub their butts across the newly cleaned carpet.

2. Cats are cuter. What? It’s true.

And the number one reason why cats are better than dogs:

1. WARRIOR CATS. I stumbled across this new phenomenon when a BookRix member started a discussion asking for help naming her warrior cats. “What are warrior cats?” Although curiosity killed the cat, I knew I would be safe – so I asked around. Here is what I found out: Warrior Cats is a relatively new craze, born from a series of children’s books called Warriors. The series follows the lives and adventures of four “Clans” of wild cats in the forest and lake areas where they live. There are four authors who write collectively under the pseudonym Erin Hunter. The four Clans are ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan and RiverClan and later on SkyClan is introduced. The books discuss forbidden love, the clash of faiths and the age old debate: Nature vs. Nurture. Supposedly, the writers draw inspiration from authors like J.R.R.Tolkien, J.K.Rowling and even William Shakespeare.

The greatest thing about this whole feline frenzy is that you can find out what your warrior name would be if you were a cat. Just follow these three simple steps:

Step#1: Visit the Warriors website:
Step#2: Find your Warrior Cat name and clan by clicking on “Explore the World of Warriors” and then “Clans.”
(My warrior name is IceEyes and I’m in the WindClan – BooYah!)
Step#3: Tell all your friends how awesome warrior cats are and find out if their warrior names are better than yours.

Warrior Cats on BookRix? But of course!

Check out one of BookRix’s own warrior cat novels by Jasmin Locke!

Here’s the BookRix group where you can create your own Warrior Cat story:

If after reading this, you still aren’t convinced that cats are better than dogs, then I would like to introduce you to somebody who will change your mind forever. Readers, meet Maru. Maru, meet Readers:

Still not convinced?

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