Grab your pajamas: It’s time for a bedtime story!



While sorting through the junk in my basement, I came across a box I didn’t recognize. I’ve moved several times in the past few years, so I assumed that after all that packing and unpacking, I knew all my possessions by heart. Brimming with curiosity, I had a closer look at the box. The sides were torn and dented, the tape peeled half off, and the label so water stained that it was entirely illegible. Unable to stand the suspense any longer, I ripped the box open and was met with a most welcome surprise: It was filled with books from my childhood.

Unlike many others from my generation, I didn’t spend my youth in front of the television. I grew up in the country where I spent my days outside. From the moment I woke up, I would be outside with my brothers and sisters, our feet coated with grass still wet from the morning dew, exploring every inch of the yard with the knowledge that one day we would find something amazing. When the crickets started chirping and we could no longer convince ourselves that the lengthening shadows weren’t encroaching monsters, we would finally admit the night had won and go inside for our bedtime story.



I think it’s so important to introduce books to kids when they are young to give them an early start at a life-long love affair with reading. And start immediately; don’t wait until they can read the book themselves. In fact, don’t even wait until they can understand you.

Come support the cause and enjoy all the children’s books offered on BookRix. We’ve got cute and whimsical, musical and lyrical, adventurous and inspirational, and even educational and practical. There’s something for everyone!

Paper Moon
by Miguel Angel Mendaro Johnson.

A charming tale about a man who wants to share the story of his adventure to the moon with you!

Me Too! by C.J. Heck.

An adorable poetic collection of preschool poems that the whole family can enjoy.

Joshua’s Visitor by Janice Abel.

This is a five chapter serial story meant for newspaper publication.  It recently won the “Better Writers” book of the week contest.  Follow the adventures of Joshua and his mysteriously musical visitor from the stars.  Written for children ages 9-12.

Sharks by Heike Siewert

For humans, sharks are proverbially monstrous, when really they are not monsters at all.  This volume wants to contribute to our knowledge of these wild, wonderful and mysterious creatures, so that we can better understand their very special abilities and important role in our ecosystem.

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