Happy Left Handers Day!

(Photo by: j9musiclife.com)

(Photo by: j9musiclife.com)

I think it’s safe to say, that at some point in your life, you’ve met or have known someone who’s left handed. Who knows – maybe you’re reading this thinking “It’s me! I’m the left handed friend in my group!” If that’s the case, pat yourself on the back for being special, since only 10% of people on earth are born with this trait. Go you!

In my social circle, Aileen is the left handed friend. When we go out to dinner, I deliberate place myself across from her at the table, rather than beside her, as her elbow tends to make contact with my arm each time I’m about to shovel something delicious in my mouth and it winds up in my lap. But the annoyances stop there. Aileen is incredibly gifted and continues to be my go-to person for a variety of things. She’s crazy organized and can calculate numbers in her head like no other. She has a flair for creativity and has assisted the majority of her friends (myself included) with interior decorating and design ideas.  All in all, she’s a pretty unique person. And writing with her left hand is just the start of it.

Got a “lefty” in your office? Celebrate their individuality! Create a “Lefty” zone at work. You can try out these brainteasers, take some left brained intelligent tests and even listen to a song inspired by the left handed phenomenon titled: The Left Handers Lament by Ian Raburn.

Oh behalf of BookRix, Happy Left Handers Day!


The BookRix team

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