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what to doRhyming is something we all do.  Sometimes it’s on purpose; sometimes it’s a complete mistake.  I assume that the longer you are a poet, the more you unconsciously speak in rhyme.  I came across What To Do If Trapped in a Lift With a Dentist, completely by mistake.  Drawn in by the curious title, I had to read more.  While poems are often overwhelmingly emotional, (which can prove to be tedious at times) Mark Lewis was able to capture my attention and entertain me while keeping things light and humorous.

If you’re looking for clever rhymes, a quick wit and an overall entertaining read, look no further.  Here’s a little taste of what you’re in for with Lewis’ British humor:
“I hate it when I put
some trousers in the wash
and forgot a bit of tissue
it’s a frustrating issue.”

LesWithout taking anything away from Lewis, BookRix has got yet another talented poet on our hands. At the opposite end of the poetic spectrum is Typhen. He has an intricate way of weaving words together and captures a moment very well. After reading through Les Perles Perdues, I was hooked! You should check out the poem Baker. Here’s a small excerpt:

I gasp for air, she continues to stare,

As though to say “You wouldn’t dare”.

I lean forward to steal one last breath

I live still, but my heart brushed death.

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