Need To Get Away? Try a Little Fantasy!

Sometimes you just need to get away,  take a break from life and plunge feet first into the unknown. There’s something exhilarating about experiencing something different that makes you feel alive, and it’s wonderful. For some of us, the unknown is traveling to the far ends of the world. For others, it might be doing something courageous, like jumping out of a plane or deep sea diving. I’d expect each of these things to be exciting, but life doesn’t always allow us to take vacations or engage in death defying activities to feel alive. For those people, people like me, we have something else. Books!

The world is filled with people, young and old, who use their imagination to escape their daily lives by reading the written page. I mentioned in last week’s blog that I’d been sucked into the dark world and twisted world of True Crime. Don’t get me wrong, gristly facts and crime scene photos aside, these books are absolutely fascinating. The fact that people are capable of such brutality is beyond me. I’m on my third True Crime book this month (Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of BTK) and am well aware that my anxiety levels have increased, that falling asleep is difficult, and that nightmares have become a nightly ritual. I figured the best way to counter True Crime angst would be to fight it with Fantasy.

I popped into BookRix’s Fantasy and Science Fiction group to see what people were talking about, hear their recommendations and see what new material we have on the site. I’m really glad I did, as its managed to snap me out of the overcast funk I was heading in. True Crime will have to wait until my sleep routine is back to normal!

Here are some of the books I found and their blurbs. If you see something you like, add them to your reading list!

Phoenix” There was a small village in the South which was completely isolated from the rest of Flames. The villagers were exposed to many crimes such as human trafficking, rape, slavery, etc. The villagers had been existing in this environment for many generations. They could not find a way out of it. The village was thriving with rowdies and rouges that should have been kept behind bars.

The government attempted to intervene numerous times but have failed every single time. No matter what the government attempted, it was the villagers who suffered in the end. The government had sent squads and numerous other rescue teams but they were not even able to enter the land. There were henchmen set up to guard every possible way in and out. This result occurred because of one man. They say that behind every successful man there is a woman. In this case, every successful rowdy has a man – the same man – behind them. This man inherited this power through bloodline. He owns a large house in the centre of the village. Not many people knew the man’s name, including me. The man also has younger brothers, each controlling different domains; North, East, South and West. Here is where I fit in to the puzzle. After 15 years I am coming back to the village. This time with a plan and an inextinguishable drive to make my father’s dream a reality.”

Legacy“What does a name matter anymore? Everything I had was taken from me. Everybody is gone, dead. Even death couldn’t end my suffering. The only thing I have left is this draw, a need to find the sea, and whatever lies within its waters.”
“What will it take to get there?” Briccio asked fighting the strange tired feeling in his head.
“The masters themselves will not keep me from where I am headed. I will leave the bodies of anyone who stands in my way behind me.”

Life and Death fight endlessly, tirelessly, for control over each and every person. A lonely man loses everything but gains an ally in death, setting into motion a chain of events that will forever change two worlds and the destiny of every form of life; from the tiny insects of the earth to the ageless dragons that soar the skies.”

The Dark Age“What lies in the future is hidden in the past. But if the past remains hidden our future remains a secret. It is the year 2154, when Adam Blacksmith turns 17 in his medieval religious dogmatic home town. One year from now he will be sent into the Grey Guard, to exit the gates of the locked city for the first time in his life. But besides suffering and losses he will find more in the outside world… he will find what he has always been looking for, what he has been graving all his life and what he will wish to never have found…”

Do you remember your first fantasy book? Take part in our ongoing conversation here. We’d love to hear about the stories that got you hooked, or turned off, of this increasingly popular genre.

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