1, 2, 3, PULL! It’s National Tooth Fairy Day!


There’s something wiggling inside your mouth. Your older sister volunteers to help, and despite the suspicious nature of her offer, you accept. First, she inspects the inside of your mouth with a flashlight, then next thing you know, your front tooth is tied to the bathroom doorknob with a piece of string and you’re seriously starting to contemplate calling for help. You sister throws one last mischievous glance in your direction before slamming the door shut.

What you think you look like:

What you think you look like.

What everyone else thinks you look like:

What everyone else thinks you look like.

The rest of the afternoon passes at a snail’s pace and then you’re too anxious and distracted to eat your dinner. After asking you one hundred times to finish your carrots, mom sighs and excuses you from the table. You run upstairs, brush what’s left of your teeth, pull your pajamas on and jump into bed; waiting impatiently until it’s time to go to sleep. The seconds tick by until finally your parents come in to say goodnight. As Mom watches with a smile on her face, you pull your freshly extracted tooth out of your flannel pocket and place it ever so gently under your pillow. A sigh releases itself from your lips and you snuggle down under the covers. You are finally able to relax, knowing that when you wake up the tooth will be gone, and in its place – a shiny new dollar.

Over the years, the memories start to fade, but you will always remember just how special the tooth fairy made you feel on those magical nights during your childhood. Plus, you scored a total of 8 bucks off of her/him, which is a pretty sweet deal!

Tooth Fairy – we salute you!

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