Rupert Grint (A.K.A Ron Weasley) turns 24 today!

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“Bloody hell!” Today we celebrate yet another Hogwart’s related birthday.  August 24th, 1988 is the birth date of Rupert Lloyd Alexander Grint.  Rupert, as we all know, is most famous for his role in the Harry Potter films as the ever popular, jokester sidekick of Harry Potter himself.

Here are some of the opinions I found online regarding Ron Weasley:

“Well, Ron. Now here’s a character that has often been on the short end of the stick.”

“Ron is loyal, funny and brave.”

“I’ve always found Ron to be a study in the greatness of friendship.”

“Ron’s biggest problem has always been his own insecurity and lack of self confidence.”

“I think Ron actually “gets” Harry a lot better than people realise. He’s been pretty perceptive when it comes to how Harry’s feeling.”

So as you can see, there are a lot of people out there that think Ron is actually superior to Harry, and I’m one of them. Apparently, so is Rupert:

“The truth is that Ron is my hero. He’s always there for his friends – sometimes belligerently, but there nevertheless. He’s also the comic relief in stressful situations; the funny guy with a great one-liner. And no matter how scared he may be, he will put aside his fears to support and protect the people he loves. To me, that represents true courage.”

Although Rupert will forever be known as “Ron Weasley,” he is doing his best to forge ahead with his acting career. Next year he’s set to star in several upcoming films, including The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (alongside Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood). Not only is he a talented actor, he can also play the didgeridoo and ride a unicycle, proving just how multi-talented he really is. Also, he apparently owns a fully operational icecream truck – what more could a girl ask for?  So happy birthday Ron – Oops…I mean Rupert.

Do you want to share your love with Rupert on his special day? Come sign his Birthday Card!

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