Come and Gather Around the Campire Everyone: Today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

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Happy Toasting!

August 30th is the perfect time to celebrate marshmallows – the summer is coming to a close, the kids are heading back to school and soon the sweaters will be coming out of storage.  There is just enough time left to enjoy the warm nights, and celebrate by toasting a few fluffy marshmallows over the nearest campfire.  And what better excuse to have a campfire, than to celebrate the deliciousness of marshmallows.

Today, marshmallows are available to everyone, but it wasn’t always so.  In Ancient Egypt, where the mallow plant was first harvested to make candy, it was a special treat only served to gods and royalty.  Lucky for us, the 19th Century, in all its wisdom, started using the extracts of the plant as a remedy for sore throats.  A local confectioner must have had a moment of inspiration during his illness, deciding the mallow was much better off in candy form – and the marshmallow was born.

For those of you that didn’t spend the summer evenings of your childhood around a campire – here is a recipe you desperately need to try.  You may have had this in one form or another, but unless you’ve used freshly toasted marshmallows, you haven’t really lived.



1 large marshmallow

2 graham crackers (or one large cracker broken in half)

1 (1.5 ounce) chocolate bar


1. Find a really great pointed stick and clean any extra bark off the end (or if you’re feeling fancy, unbend a wire coat           hanger and use that).  Stick the marshmallow onto the end of the stick/wire.
2. Roast the marshmallow over an open flame, (preferably a campfire surrounded by loved ones) until it begins to turn          brown and melty.
3. Take one graham cracker and place a square of chocolate on it.  Remove the roasted marshmallow from the stick and     place it on top of the chocolate.  Use the other cracker to finish the sandwich and VOILA –  S’mores!

*Personally, I like to stick the marshmallow into the hottest area of the fire, let it light up and then quickly blow out the flames before my hair catches fire.   However, this is not the recommended method.

And now, for your enjoyment, a famous marshmallow scene from one of the greatest movies ever made:

“You’re killing me Smalls!”

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