What to read this week: A Book Review

Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel

“His name is Giovanni. His long and complex tale is just a small part of something that is so much greater, something so magnificent that man can never truly understand it. History has been written, but it has not always been right or complete, and no mere man on this earth can understand this the way that Giovanni can. There really are no words in any language to fully describe where history has gone wrong or fallen short, but if I tell you Giovanni’s story, maybe you’ll begin to understand.”

Toi Thomas takes internet relationships to a whole new level in her first novel - Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel. A Fantasy Fiction about a wealthy doctor in search of a purpose and an isolated outcast searching for acceptance. They meet online and discover that they may be just what the other has been looking for. Mira’s a woman who believes in what she knows and Giovanni is a man who knows better than to think he really knows anything. When Mira decides to meet Giovanni face to face, for the first time, at his secluded country home, their journey truly begins.

Will the doctor and the outcast be able to stand strong against all the powers of heaven and hell to pursue their ultimate purpose? The story has everything, from demons to romance, and will keep you interested from start to finish.

Author: Toi Thomas

Author: Toi Thomas

Toi was nice enough to share a free sample (see above book link) – the first three chapters, free of charge, to get you interested.

Toi is a self-proclaimed techie and foodie born in Texas, but considers Virginia to be her home. As a young child growing up in Dallas, she had a strong interest in reading fiction and loved to watch movies. Recently, she decided to rekindle her romance with creative writing by authoring her first book. Lucky for us, she has decided to share this passion with the world.

If you’re looking to dive right in: The full story is available in four parts for your enjoyment.

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