Love, Love Me Do… no, really.

And who wouldnt love those snazzy grey suits?

And who wouldn't love those snazzy grey suits?

On this day (October 5th) in 1962, The Beatles released their first single: “Love Me Do”. By 1964, it was number one on the charts in the United States. Sure, The Beatles were adorable and their song was catchy, but more than anything, I think the success of their song can be attributed to the subject matter: Love.

Love, love me do.
You know I love you,
I’ll always be true,
So please, love me do.
Whoa, love me do.

For you young’uns out there – The Beatles are probably the most commercially successful popular music group of all time. Go now, immediately, and listen to their music. I dare you to not like at least one of their songs. For those of you in the know – The Beatles likely influenced your taste in music and you’ll never go back. Although John Lennon was murdered two years before I was born, their music still greatly affected me. I don’t know how I would have survived high school without the old “Let It Be” vinyl my mom gave me.

Now let’s talk about love. The Beatles were aiming their music at a young audience – mostly young women, (*See Beatlemania) so they chose to write their songs about what all teens could related to: Love. With over 1 billion albums sold and given that they still hold the record for most number one hits – I’d say they chose wisely. And, as if happens, the same goes for Romance writers.

Romance novels are the most popular genre in modern literature and take up at least 50% of all book sales in North America. If you’re looking for a little love yourself, here are our recommendations:

“String theory. Ahh! I have a love of music, myself. Had I not gotten involved in politics, I believe I might have taken up the violin seriously, or perhaps the cello. Have you ever been to the symphony, Mr. Fuster?” The governor beamed; a chord deep inside him began to resonate, and a soft breeze rustled across his face and into his heart, as though nature itself was beginning to conspire against him in order to obliterate his initial assessment of Marvin’s stature in his world. This man of the streets had a love for music, and that raised him immeasurably in the eyes of Richard Harris. Perhaps he would allow him to stay for an hour or two so that they could discuss Tchaikovsky and Massenet.
“No, I believe you are referring to a different type of string, sir. Though I do not pretend to know a great deal about the subject yet, the string this book refers to is a quantum matter, altogether on a different plane than music…though I do like certain types of Bluegrass, and folk music,” Marvin corrected him.

Anna Sanchez, a recent college graduate, has inherited the family cattle ranch. Having promised her mother she would take care of it, she is now faced with a tough choice.
She is a city girl, and running a cattle business certainly isn’t in her plans.
A lot of repairs need to be done and she hires Steve Johnson, a local handyman. Their first encounter leaves them both at a disadvantage.
Through the summer’s adventures, including a wildlife encounter that turns deadly, and a shadow from her past, Anna will learn that things don’t always go according to even the most organized aspirations.

And now for a little mood music:

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