Wait a minute Mister Postman!

What we think of mail

How we think mail used to work - Snail Mail.

What mail was - See? Much faster!

What mail really was - See? Much faster!

How mail travels now - Whoa! Slow down!

How mail travels now - Whoa! Slow down!

Living in a world filled with emails, instant messaging and skype, it’s really hard for me to imagine what sending mail must have been like a hundred years ago. In the beginning, regular mail was actually a major breakthrough in the history of communication. Before the postal service was established, people had to use cans attached to really long strings… Oh wait, that was before the telephone.

World Post Day (October 9th) was started to celebrate the opening of the Universal Postal Union in Switzerland. Thanks to the UPU – people were able to send letters all over the world.

I know I’m not the only one who loves to receive mail. There is just something so special about getting a package or letter with your name on it. As a deltiologist, I get more than excited when I get home to a full mailbox.

When I was younger, my mom showed me all of the love letters that my dad sent to her when they were “courting”, and although I found them rather awkward, the idea of love letters has always fascinated me – and I’m not the only one. BookRix Author, Melony Gallant, was also inspired by letters… and the secrets they can hold in her book Love in a Letter, and Katerine Pocock’s Letters to Angela uses letters as a way to heal the pain of loss.

And just for fun:

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