Where’s John Rambo When You Need Him?

Who remembers the awesome 80’s action movie, Rambo? Better yet… who doesn’t remember the awesome 80’s action movie Rambo? In case you’ve forgotten, let us refresh your memory. Sly Stallone plays the epic role of John Rambo, a Vietnam Vet hitchhiking his way from town to town, visiting old war buddies. Hope, Washington Sheriff, William Teasel, arrests him for vagrancy, and from there on out, all hell breaks loose. It’s a classic! And today just so happens to be Rambo’s 30th anniversary.

We get that we’re dating ourselves, but we don’t care. Rambo is an 80’s action flick staple. And if you haven’t seen it, you need to. Because it still holds up, even after three decades. Not convinced? Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think! And while you’re at it, take a look at our Adventure books available on BookRix. We’ve got a variety of titles online that are ready and waiting to quench your action/adventure thirst.

A mountain man begins his adventures where no other wishes to go – inside the ravenous wilderness, filled with deathly hardships and natural beauties. Bears and wolves are not the only dangers: a man in these parts can die of starvation, disease, or dreadful injuries. Not even territorial natives will let a man live through the winters. For Thomas, the mountain man of this story, wilderness is home.

This is a short book about a day trip to the zoo between a young boy and his ill father. It is adventurous, fun and entertaining. It also has a message which shows that life in all its wonderful aspects also has tragedy.

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