Happy Halloween: How may we scare you?

Happy Halloween from the BookRix Team!

Happy Halloween from the BookRix Team!

For me, Halloween isn’t just about getting dressed up and eating candy (although I do love both of those things); Halloween is also about growing up. When I was younger, I used to spend Halloween hiding behind the couch with a Babysitter’s Club book while my older sister watched scary movies and occasionally paid me enough attention to laugh at me. When I was a teenager, I spent Halloween in my best friend’s basement, hiding under a blanket on the couch while my friends watched scary movies and occasionally paid me enough attention to laugh at me. Now that I’m grown up, I spend Halloween on the couch watching scary movies and occasionally laughing at how ridiculous they are. Being scared used to be something that made me run and hide, but now I actively search out gruesome books and scream worthy films. If you’re somebody who hates being scared, then take it from me – you just haven’t found YOUR kind of fear yet.

There are countless ways for us to to seek a thrill – It might be in the darkness of a movie theater, surrounded by people, or it might be walking through a darkened forest at night. For me, it’s watching “The Walking Dead” with all the lights on or reading Stephen King in the park on a warm sunny day. I might enjoy being scared, but I also enjoy controlling my fear. There is no way you’ll get me into a movie theater to watch the newest slasher flick, but I’d be more than happy to eat freshly baked cookies while watching Army of Darkness in my living room.

Now is your chance to figure out just what type of scared you like to be. Just so there’s no surprises, I’ve come up with helpful new ratings to go along with our Halloween book recommendations.

Read The Midnight Bandit if you love having the life scared out of you:

Janet Hansen is a schoolteacher who is stalked by a rapist. He has already assaulted two of her friends. Detective Lee Bowers is the friendly local police detective who is trying to nab the bad guy. Dennis Pittman is a janitor who seems to be friendly. But is he really who he appears to be? Delve deep into this dark thriller to find out.

Read Keep it Safe if you can only enjoy scary books in the daylight:

It all started on a dark highway surrounded by cornfields. A freak accident leaves Parker Erickson confused and frightened. A strange gift sealed on a promise turns into more of an omen. Parker must find a way to get out alive and keep it safe.

Read The Warriors of Rinn if you absolutely, positively hate the heeby jeebies:

When a UFO lands in his driveway, Shawn Drable has some serious decisions to make. Does he tell his family? Does he tell his friends? And what about the imposing-looking alien who stumbled out of the downed craft? What indeed…

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