Book Review: Read it and weep!

Nobody can resist a sad book!

Nobody can resist a sad book!

Sometimes we all just need to cry. Some people like to watch a sad movie, while others, like us, read sad books. We read these books, not only as a way to get the tear ducts flowing, but also as a way to make us feel better. Reading sad books about sad characters brings out our sympathetic side – and it makes us feel better about our own personal tragedies.

Belinda Slider-Baker (A.K.A authorbea) has three new books for sale: Hanging Onto Faith, Grasping at Reality, and Tears and Heaven. If you’re love reading books about drama, heartache and loss – Look No Further!

Hanging Onto Faith and Grasping at Reality are part of a two book series about the life of Summer Shay. Summer had a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter named Faith, and a successful Interior Design Business. Her husband is killed in an explosion when her daughter is only two years old. Her husband’s twin, Braedyn, has always been a part of their lives and he is now helping to raise Faith. But, one day their world gets turned upside down and without realizing it, Summer becomes even more dependent on Braedyn. Faith is now 4 years old and she loves having Braedyn around. After all the time has passed Braedyn can only see Summer as his dead brother’s wife, but he now sees Faith as his own. Will a crisis bring them all together as a family, tear them apart, or send one of them over the edge? Will Summer ever figure out the difference between dreaming and reality? You’ll have to read both to find out!

Tears and Heaven is the story of Nevaeh, a young girl who can’t escape her past. After her mother dies of childbirth complications, her father develops a deep and dangerous hatred – blaming Nevaeh for everything. Her mother’s best friend is unable to take care of her, so she is forced to move from foster home to foster home. She experiences things that no child should ever have to. When she is 16, the Chief of Police in Renfro saves and later adopts her. After she moves in she meets Hanley, the 16 year old neighbor boy. He becomes her first real friend and teaches her what friendship means. She later becomes friends with a girl named Rayne after Hanley introduces them to each other. Each of their lives will drastically change when her biological father shows up unexpectedly. Find out if the battle between life and death will change everything Nevaeh has ever known! *WARNING: Adult Situations*

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