Young Readers Day

It’s no surprise that the people behind the scenes at BookRix are hardcore readers. It’s even less of a surprise that our members are bookaholics as well. But when you’re surrounded by people who share the same passion, it can be hard to imagine those who don’t share it. But trust us – they’re out there. And it’s a shame, because so much good can come from reading books. It’s great for expanding your horizons, using your imagination, learning and comprehension – we could go on and on. But the truth of the matter is, there are youths out there who would much rather watch tv or play video games than pick up a book. We’re not saying tv or video games are bad – to each his own. But books are powerful learning tools and we should be actively encouraging their use at all times.

In lieu of today being Young Readers Day, let’s work together and spread the word about books and how much fun reading can be! Our online library is full of great reads for all ages. Today, we’d like to recommend the Mountain Man by BX author Adam Lewis LaValley. This book is recommended for users 12 years old and up!

A mountain man begins his adventures where no other wishes to go – inside the ravenous wilderness, filled with deathly hardships and natural beauties. Bears and wolves are not the only dangers: a man in these parts can die of starvation, disease, or dreadful injuries. Not even territorial natives will let a man live through the winters. For Thomas, the mountain man of this story, wilderness is home.

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