Happy Birthday, Kindle!!!

Do you remember where you were five years ago today? Doubtful. But if you were to ask the guys over at Amazon, we’ll bet they’d know exactly where they were. And most likely they could recall what they were wearing, what they ate and what how their day transpired. That’s because five years ago today, Amazon, the company known as only an online retailer, made a huge announcement. Something epic, actually. Something so huge, it would change the way the company was perceived. Five years ago today, Amazon launched the Kindle.

You remember now, right? You didn’t know exactly how it worked, but it sounded awesome and you wanted it. Along with your mom, your dad and your coworker Alex who always had the latest tech gadget. Then you placed your order and counted down the days until its arrival. A week later, after a horrible day in the office followed by horrendous traffic on the freeway, you walked to your door, keys in hand, completely defeated… and then you saw it. That brown box with a smile stamped on the side. Could it be? Did your day just get a million times better? Yes. Yes it did. There, beneath that cardboard and packaging tape was your glorious Kindle. And you knew, from this day forward, reading would never be the same. And it wasn’t.

Oh Kindle… how we love you so. Happy birthday, friend.

Got your Kindle ready? Check out The Vandals by Preston Randall.

Summer’s coming to a close and it’s time to get ready for high school, but the gang decides to wreck their own neighborhood. Why would they do that?

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