“In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.” -Charlie Brown


Every Saturday morning, from the time I could read, until the day I left for university, I would wake up, run downstairs, and pull the “funny pages” out of the newspaper. I never got tired of reading those little stories, those snippets of life and love and laughter that can always be found in the weekend color comic strips. During my childhood, I was even inspired to create some of my own comics, always complete with a few cute drawings and humorous wording. I thought I was hilarious, and of course, so did my mom. Although I don’t still draw cartoons, I can still find hints of comic style silliness in my writing today, so I would like to take a moment to remember one of my all time favorite comic strip creators: Charles M. Schulz.

Today I would like to wish Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, a Happy 90th birthday. Although Schulz died 12 years ago, I still want to celebrate his life, because without him there would be no Charlie Brown, or even worse, no Snoopy. When Peanuts was at the pinnacle of popularity, it was published everyday in 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries, in 21 languages and ran for almost 50 years! The final count for strips drawn by Schulz was close to 18,000 strips. And if you can believe it, Schulz only took one vacation during all those 50 years – to celebrate his 75th birthday. That was the only time reruns of the comic were published during his lifetime. Schulz must have really loved his job, and it shows; he created an entire kid universe of whimsical, endearing and beloved characters that have worked their way into the heart of millions of people worldwide.

There are so many authors who seem to have been influenced by writers like Schulz, and here is one example:

Lancelot is an orphaned joey growing up on a farm. One day he comes across a kangaroo mob and wants to join it. He escapes from home and injures his arm so badly that it has to be amputated. Left alone in the bush he has to overcome dangerous situations. He is lucky that a girl kangaroo from the mob is curious to find out who Lancelot is and wants to help him.

A funny, exciting but also heart-warming tale about loneliness, courage – and most of all – true friendship. Based on true events!

Classic Peanuts: “Maybe I’ll make it into a sport coat.”

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