It’s Read-A-New-Book Month!

Happy December Everyone! December is Read A New Book month, so now is the perfect time for you to find something new to read. And don’t be afraid to step outside your reading boundaries – you never know what you might discover out there! As avid readers, we all get a thrill when we purchase a new book. Some of us love the ease of online book shopping, a few simple clicks and suddenly your eReader is filled with potential new characters to fall in love with. Some of us love cracking open a book, that we just picked up at the local bookstore, to deeply inhale that “new book smell”. There are even many of us who love buying a new, old book. All that really matters is that we’re reading and loving every minute of it.

As an author, December is also a very important time, for one obvious reason: Books make great gifts. With December comes “Happy Holidays” for a lot of people and more often than not, holidays mean gift giving. Time is running out, so now you need to follow these very simple steps:
1. Finish your book.
2. Edit your book to perfection, even if it means pumping your editor full of coffee at 4am.
3. Design the most amazing cover you’ve ever seen. If you’re not sure, ask your friends: “Would you buy this?”
4. Upload your book to BookRix and select a reasonable sale price.
5. Tell everyone you know that Indie Books are this year’s “Best Gift of 2012″.

And of course, because we love you so much, here are some new books for YOU to enjoy this December:

A variety of Short Stories

Romance and Fantasy

Drama and Love

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