Today’s the day, so enjoy yourself!

Today we want you to enjoy yourself, and here’s why:

1. It’s National Games Day. Today is the day where you dust off the old Monopoly board or pull the Chinese Checkers out from under the couch. Grab your family or call your friends, and get gaming! If board games aren’t your style, play Nintendo! As long as you’re having a good time, you’re having a good Games Day!

2. It’s Go Caroling Day. “Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells. Jingle all the – ” you know the rest. Locate your neighbors with wreaths on their door or Christmas trees in their windows and spread some holiday cheer. The greatest part about caroling is that you never have to sing alone, so even if you’re completely tone deaf, you’ll still fit right in! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, and have no idea what caroling is all about – just grab your iPod and bust out some tunes. Not only is singing fun, but it also releases stress which is good for your health!

3. It’s the 200th Anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. There are so many ways to celebrate this gem of a day. If you’re a parent, have a special bedtime reading session (using the family friendly versions) and introduce a new fairy tale that your kids will love. If you’re not a parent, make yourself feel young again by reading (or having somebody read to you) some of the real Grimm tales. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve forgotten since you were young. And of course, if you are already knee deep in Jenga or Yahtzee, there’s another way you can Grimm up your day: Watch the movie versions. You can check out some of the darker films like Snow White: A Tale of Terror and The Brothers Grimm or give into the pleasures of Disney and watch Tangled or Cinderella.

4. According to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, it’s the last day before the end of the world, or for optimists, it’s the last day before a new era. There aren’t many people who believe in this, more often than not we prefer to make jokes about it. But deep down, just like at Y2K, a few of us are panicky.

That’s why you need to enjoy yourself today – take the time to think about what you love about your life and the amazing things you have done so far.

If none of the above really appeals to you, but you still feel like enjoying yourself today, here are a few great books that we think you’ll enjoy:

Simon, a chess player, meets a beautiful and mysterious woman, Sarah, at a city park. She is also a chess player, but she doesn't play the game for fun; her stakes are a little higher...

Relax, unwind and enjoy these 111 Facts About Christmas by Janet Boyer. Come time for family gatherings, office parties and holiday dinners, you'll be chock-full of engaging trivia to share!

The apocalypse has fallen upon Earth. Zachariah has no memory of his mortal life. Now he's attending a strict academy, unaware that it's part of Lucifer’s dark plot to make sure Zach earns his way down to Hell.

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