Happy 71st, Stephen Hawking

Some know him as a cosmologist. Others know him as theoretical physicist. But regardless of how you know him, once thing is certain: Stephen Hawking has made quite a name for himself. In 2009 he was awarded the highest civilian award in the US, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. During the rewards ceremony, President Omaba said, “From his wheelchair he’s led us on a journey to the farthest and strangest reaches of the cosmos. In so doing, he has stirred our imagination and shown us the power of the human spirit here on Earth.” (view ceremony video below)

His work with science has engaged the imagination of experts his books have sparked interest in people around the world. Despite living with a debilitating disease, Stephen Hawking possesses a positive attitude and his achievements inspire hope in many. We have so much respect for this man, and we hope he celebrates a wonderful 71st birthday today.

Fiction, Science,

Fiction, Science

With the idea of science mind, we thought our readers might be interested in The Core by Adam Lewis LaValley. Synopsis: The world has been ravaged by nuclear war, famine, and terrorism. In a continent’s ashes, a new power has risen…In its pursuit for supremacy, the power attacks and conquers the neighboring, small thriving country of Maruvi. The Imperial CORE Warrior Program quickly wipes out Maruvi’s defenses and military structures, killing off their best fighters, the Jaspers. Only one lone rebel group remains to resist the invaders, but their attacks are futile…they are forced into hiding as the COREs continue their onslaught of the rebels…But that was until one of their own, Unit Radez1079, joined the Resistance. With this professional combatant, the rebels again take arms and rise up. After 40 years of hiding they must rise to fight this power, and this time it’s die or try..

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