BookRix Is Making Some Changes: Sometimes, Less is More

BookRix has some improvements coming!

BookRix has some improvements coming!

You know the saying “less is more“? Well that’s what this year is all about for us. We’re cleaning out our closets and getting rid of the “old jeans” we don’t really wear anymore. We’ve got a few pairs we need to get rid of and we’ve gotta do it to keep up with the latest trends and styles. 2013 is going to be a big year for BookRix. We have some awesome changes up our sleeve and we can’t wait to share them with everyone! Think of it as a “re-birth”. Our site will be sleeker, simpler and more streamlined to give users a cleaner design and more efficient functionality. We have a variety of exciting changes to come and many are still in the works, but rest assured we will  keep you in-the-know regarding these modifications in this thread. So tune in there to get updates and ask questions.

As some of you know, we have some site features that don’t get a lot of use. And some features have caused more confusion than anything else. All in all, the changes we’re making are for the benefit of our members. Our book creation process and site navigation will be improved to make BookRix more user friendly. In addition, we’re going to improve our editor to meet the demands of today‘s eBook industry and also enhance our book view. We’re excited about these upcoming changes and are confident you willl be too!

To start off, one of these changes will happen on January 14, 2013 when our “Advantage” package (internal BookRix sales option) and“BookBits“(sell by chapter option) will no longer be available to the community. No, no. Don’t freak out. It’s not a bad thing. This just means you’lll only have the option to sell your books on the external eBook market. This is great for exposure to allow your books to be available for purchase all over the world by anyone (not only the registered members of BookRix).

On January 31, 2013, any book that is for sale via the “Advantage” package or by “BookBits“ will no longer be available for purchase however, your books will still be available for download (until February 28, 2013) for those who have previously purchased your books and/or chapters.

On February 28th, your books (for sale on BookRix only or by for sale by chapters) will be automatically set to a “Me only” view and you’ll be given the opportunity to decide if you wish to upgrade and sell your book on the external eBook market such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. You can decide to upgrade at anytime and do not have to wait till February 28th to do so. If your book is already on the external shops as well as on the site via BookBits, then simply the BookBits option is removed from your book(s) for sale and your external sale will still remain.

Remember, this change ONLY affects books on BookRix that used the Advantage or BookBits packages. All other books offered for free and for sale (via the Professional package) are not affected.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please feel free to ask us in this thread.

The BookRix Team

You know what’s NOT changing? Our awesome eBook recommendations! So when you’re finally able to relax today, take a load off and sit down with your eReader. You deserve it! Today we suggest The Man Who Lost his Genius & Other Stories by Valerie Fee. Let us know what you think.

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