Do your fans want to know more about you?

STEP #1: Get yourself a Blog!

At this point, it’s common knowledge that BookRix has a series of helpful books called “Publishing Tips & Tricks”, but for some reason, there are still some authors out there who haven’t realized just how important it is to interact and share with fans and readers. Many authors associate a blog with (a lot of) work, stress and time. They often question themselves: What’s the benefit of a blog and why should I take the trouble to create one?

Readers can be found in many different ways, right?

First of all it can be said: Yes, without a blog the author will have readers, too. But with a blog the chances of gaining more readers is much higher. In addition, there are countless other ways to use a blog in a proper and effective way.

Thanks to the internet, the blog creation isn’t time consuming any more: There are different “model sets” and “templates” helping to conjure a blog within a few minutes.

Why should an author invest their time in a blog?

Let’s start with the most obvious advantage: Bloggers often connect with each other. On almost every blog you can find the so-called “link list” which directly links to other bloggers recommended by the blog owner themself. Usually it’s very easy to get added to such a list, because between bloggers it’s common to say: “you link me, I link you” – as long as the counterpart (other blogger) likes the blog and both blogs thematically match. The more link lists show a blog, the more readers will surely visit it. And these blog visitors may represent new readers at the same time!

Attracting new readers depends on how the authors present themselves. A blog offers countless opportunities to present yourself and your works.

Short profiles of the characters, an extensive biography of the author, a summary of the work, a reading sample, enhancements such as maps/images/fan-art about the book, a list of links to interviews with the author… There are no limits for the blog designers. Hence, a blog has one more advantage: Information. For example, links to review blogs or interviews can be collected in one place and can be accessed by the reader. Therefore, the reader does not have to click through search engines, but has conveniently gathered all relevant information on one page. If the authors want to promote themselves or their works, they only have to spread the corresponding link – instead of introducing themselves in every forum once more.

Besides, readers can give their feedback by using a comments section. In so doing, all reader comments are clearly visible for the blog owner. As a result, the blog serves as a communication platform between authors and readers.

So, is there is a new raffle for the book? A new interview? A new review? Or even a new book? Make sure that your readers check the box to receive new notifications – keep them in the loop when you have updates, especially when you have a newly published book!

Want to keep those readers involved? Create a live story on your blog. Add something every day (or every week) until it’s finished. The readers can comment and criticize along the way. They can also watch the story grow, something that is unique only to live stories!

DON’T STOP NOW! Once you’ve started your blog, there are many other steps that you should take to promote yourself as an author online. Set up and Author account on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, etc. Get your own web page that includes links to your author pages on Twitter and Facebook, your author email address, a fan art page, a forum and your blog. After you’ve published, make sure you have a Wiki page. There are so many ways to get yourself out there. The more effort you put in, the more results you’re going to have.

Fans can now find all important information on one website. Beyond that, they can use this website for getting in touch with their idol.

Now we don’t want to keep the eager authors off from creating blogs – have fun!

If you already have a blog, feel free to share the link with us in our Web Writers Group!

Here are a few authors with great books for sale and great blogs:

L. Avery Brown (laverybrown)
Her blog: When a Southern Woman Rambles
Her book: Kissing 101: A Guidebook for Men

Tatyana Black (tanya77)
Her blog: Tatyana Black Indie Author
Her book: Joined By Love

Valerie Byron (gooduklady)
Her blog: Valerie Byron No Ordinary Woman
Her book: The Man Who Lost His Genius & Other Stories

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