A Kevin Review: Keep It Safe

The BookRix Team is filled with fun and interesting characters, so we decided to invite a few into the blogging inner circle to write some book reviews. Here is the third one, written by Kevin: Keep It Safe by Jess Wygle (jesswygle)

This “shortie” reads fast and tense, punctuated by a few short breaths and some panting. I imagine our heroine, Parker, is aged probably mid to late 20s. She’s been recently orphaned and widowed. (in the last 3-4 years perhaps?) After another incredibly exciting day at work…not, she swings her Malibu onto the highway, engages the auto pilot and just zones-out / heads to her small town, Iowa abode and the company of the only family she has left, her aging doggie. Then in the pitch darkness she glimpses something in the air for a mili-second before it bounces heavily off the hood of her car. Upon examination she finds the bouncer is human, very broken and handing her a small object along with the request that she hides it, keeps it safe, and that it be given to no one, and then, he exhales his last. It’s on.

In a flash Parker’s life switches from routine boredom to blinking, open-mouthed amazement and she ponders what might’ve happened had she left just a minute or three later, “…I would still be so naive and oblivious to the evils and wrong-doings in this world.” According to Jess Wygle this is the first book she’s finished yet her ability to grab the shirt collar and sweep us along through Parker’s wide-eyed, naïve bumbling discoveries is impressive.

Even the introduction of the Witness Protection Program and the mob which seem like ‘filler matter’ in the context, (…end of Goodfellas..does that apparatus still exist?) is kept relevant with the dreaded ‘instantaneous localization’ and murderous thugs who are also highly skilled hackers and appear with quick shock and surprise. Way cool.

I’m missing the development of the romance which keeps almost happening but then it’s probably just like Parker to misread the cues and awaken in bed at 3:34AM and suddenly realize the missed opportunity and exclaim: “Oh!” LOL! I like this character a lot.

All the background information coloring and defining characters usually served-up straight at the beginning of a lot of novels I’ve read, which is usually awkwardly bludgeoned into the first few pages, is not there and frankly, not missed. Funny. Whether left out purposely or not we’re left with more wiggle room for the imagination, like different people looking at the same painting, and what’s wrong with that? I think there’s more to be developed in there, with or without Parker. We can go out and talk about it later, I have her number. I’m looking forward to reading more from Jess Wygle. Congrats Jess!


Want a taste of Jess Wygle’s writing? Come and check out some of her free short stories HERE!
(Also, for those of you having trouble with cover design – take a look at Jess’ covers because they are simple, and yet fantastic.)

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