Opposite Day…?

Yeyy, It’s Friday! But it’s still early, so you’ve gotta go to work. Womp, Womp. But wait, isn’t today a holiday of some sort? *Does Google search* Why, yes it is! Bye, bye boring-Friday-work-day, hello pajama beach day! Take out your bike, grab some hot coffee (who takes water to the beach?) and head down to the sea for a relaxing day free of: emails, work phone calls, and last minute “high priority” stuff from your boss,  cause today – in case you haven’t figured it out, is Opposite Day.

Now is probably a good idea to call your landlord and tell him exactly what you think about your recent rent increase. And it’s probably smart to mix your colored clothes in with your whites for that load of laundry you’ve been putting off. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Not today. You’re SINGLE! And wait… didn’t we say something about riding your bike to the beach? We almost forgot! Be sure to weave that 10-speed in and out of traffic. And remember to resist arrest and make pen pals with your cell mates, cause we’re sure you’ll want to stay in touch.

On second thought, this might be one of those holidays that only sound fun in theory. If you can think of any fun and “safe” ways to proceed with the day, leave us a comment so we can follow suit. Happy Friday, everyone!

And speaking of Friday, what are you plans tonight? Are you laying low with a cocktail and some eBooks? That’s crazy, cause we’re doing the exact same thing! Tonight we recommend a tear jerker. Why? Because it’s Friday and you don’t have to worry about having puffy eyes on a Saturday morning. See? We think ahead. Read the sad story of Ted, a teddy bear who recounts his experiences from a previous owner.

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