Happy 200th, Pride & Prejudice!

I feel it’s safe to say that when writers publish a book, the greatest reward besides having people read it, is having your readers love it. What about when your work stands the test of time? That’s the ultimate accomplishment. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen has done just that. According to Wikipedia, it’s near the top lists of ‘most loved books’ . And Austen herself is also considered one of the most widely read authors in English Literature.

Today marks the 200 year anniversary of Pride and Prejudice. Undoubtedly, this novel has played a heavy role in today’s pop culture. Books, T.V and movies – they’ve all taken queue from this classic. Bridget Jones Diary, 2009’s parody novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the list goes. If only Miss Austen could have known just how influential her story and characters would have been centuries later. But it serves a meaningful lesson: you will never know how strong your written word will be perceived until you take a that chance, and publish it. Happy Anniversary, Pride and Prejudice. You had us at Mr. Darcy.

Don’t have a Mr. Darcy in your life? How about a good eBook instead! Today’s recommendation comes from BookRix author Stanley McQueen, The Folks of Muddy Fork and Other Stories.

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