Laugh And Get Rich Day, Huh?

Recently I read “people who laugh are more effective and tend to remember things better”. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have to write grocery lists, use a calculator or rely on Facebook to remind me of my friend’s birthdays. It sounds nice in theory, but I’m not sure I buy it. That being said, I’ve heard another saying “Laugh your way to the bank”. Now that one, I like. And I think it coincides with today being Laugh and Get Rich Day. Sure, I’ve never really heard of this day before. And if it were popular, I think people would be laughing nonstop. But then it dawned on me. Our BookRix authors are really ahead of the game on this one. Not sure what I’m getting at? Well… how many writers out there pay for their book to be published? More than most. But at BookRix, our authors get so much more.  We have a thriving online community filled with avid readers and active writers who are willing to read one another’s work, provide feedback and tips, and offer support. That’s pretty awesome in itself. But we add more value by providing our worldwide distribution packages to our authors at no cost. I mean, why charge? The writer has done all this work getting their masterpiece written, edited and pieced together. Isn’t that enough? We thought so, which is why our distribution services are free. Now authors can laugh at those paying high fees elsewhere while they get rich on their eBook sales.

How ‘bout them apples?

But honestly, we don’t want to see anyone waste their money on eBook services if they don’t have to. So help out! If you know someone who’s losing major coin trying to publish their work, let them know about our services. BookRix has a lot to offer, and we want authors to know they have choices. And paying unnecessarily for services can be avoided with our help. We’ve got amazing members, a growing online community, and we offer quality distribution to all the major online shops. Do yourself a favor and spread the love. Remember, good things come to those who share!

And speaking of sharing, we’d like to share with you some recommended reading this week. Keep It Safe, a personal favorite of ours, by BookRix author Jess Wygle. It’s a thriller that will captivate you til the very end. We LOVE it and we know you will, too! Our next recommendation is one we’re excited to read for the first time, Joined by Love, two short stories by BookRix author Tatyana Black. Story one: “Angèle and her grandparents will always be grateful for Angelique’s kind heart. If it hadn’t been for her, Angèle’s grandfather would have been dead years ago. Angelique had been a great woman. She had cured lots of people during the french revolution and in the end, gave her life for those who had loved her.” Sounds great, right? Story two: “A prince is searching for a princess, Rapunzel to be exact. He travels far and at last finds the tower he was looking for. But a surprise awaits him as he calls out to her and her braid cascades down the tower.” We can’t wait! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.





Have a great weekend everyone! Now go get your read on.


The BookRix team

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