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While reading (and re-reading) the BookRix Marketing Guide, you learned that running your own personal website/blog is the most effective way to gain readers and then keep them interested. Sure, it’s true that you can gain readers without a blog, however, with a blog you will end up with a lot more. Thanks to the Internet, creating and maintaining a blog really isn’t time consuming anymore: There are different “model sets” and “templates” helping to conjure a blog within a few minutes.
There are also advantages to joining the blogosphere: Bloggers often connect with each other. On almost every blog you can find the so-called “link list” which directly links to other blogs recommended by the blog owner. It’s really easy to get added to these lists because between bloggers it’s common to see: “you link me, I link you” – especially for authors with similar themes and genres. The more links to your blog, the more readers will visit it. And new blog visitors are almost guaranteed to become new readers at the same time! Basically, a blog offers countless opportunities to present yourself and your work.

The great news is that once you’re inside the blogosphere, you can use your connections to get your book out there. Fellow bloggers can post reviews for your book, interviews that show off your charming answers, and guest posts written by the oh-so-clever-and-witty-author: YOU.

Go ahead and bellyache about blogs. But you cannot afford to close your eyes to them, because they’re simply the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the Internet itself. And they’re going to shake up just about every business—including yours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shipping paper clips, pork bellies, or videos of Britney in a bikini, blogs are a phenomenon that you cannot ignore, postpone, or delegate. Given the changes barreling down upon us, blogs are not a business elective. They’re a prerequisite.

Click image to visit Me, My Shelf and I

Click the image to visit Me, My Shelf and I

BookRix would like to introduce one of our blog associates, Me, My Shelf & I (MMSAI). MMSAI is a blog for everything Young Adult (YA). It’s a great resource for indie authors, for several reasons:
1. My Indie Monday
My Indie Monday is a great author feature started on MMSAI. Although they host the event, many other blogs participate and share the information on their own blogs. On Mondays they feature a new indie author, providing a space for book reviews, interviews and anything else that the author feels might be helpful in enticing the reader. AND, there’s almost always a giveaway. People love free stuff, so you’ve got to make them happy!
2. Reviews
MMSAI reviews Young Adult/Middle Grade genres. As you all know, book reviews are a great way to share information about your book and promote your work. Just be sure to check out their Review Policy before taking the next step.
3. MMSAI Designs
MMSAI offers design services for authors. If you need help creating a book cover, great. If you’re looking to create some great giveaway swag, MMSAI are there to help – anything from posters and t-shirts to bookmarks and postcards. They can even help you design graphics for your own blog or a banner for your ad campaign.
4. Advertising
At MMSAI, you can buy ad space for your book. As an indie author, you basically need to promote your book in as many venues as possible. MMSAI has a wide following and is a great place to gain exposure for your book (Family Friendly Ads Only). They will put your book advertisement in a prime location and BookRix authors GET A DISCOUNT! The first 4 authors to sign up will get more than 50% off their month long ad! Be sure to send an email to (or leave a comment with your contact information below) for your chance to participate.

The BookRix Team is already taking advantage of the ad space at MMSAI – check out our banner featured right below the navigation bar!

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