Why eBooks Rock

From the 90’s alone, we’ve had so many technological advancements. The capabilities of computers are beyond comprehension (to me at least). We’ve got smartphones, MP3 players, satellite HDTV, lazer printers, – it’s really incredible how far our generation has come. Another item worth noting is the eBook. What is it about this downloadable file that makes us giddy with excitement? Well, let’s list a few, shall we?

1. Instant gratification: We all have that gimmie gimmie, I need, I need personality trait within us (at least according to Freud). And 9 times out of 10, we can’t satisfy it. For example, if I’m lusting after a pair of shoes online, I’m left with two choices: find a store and pray they have my size or place an order online and wait for them to arrive. So few things can be obtained instantly, yet buying an eBook is just that simple. Click, purchase, download, read. Voila!

2. Versatility: Like many people, I like options. When you purchase an eBook, you can read on your eReader, your computer desktop or notebook, PDA, or your smartphone.

3. Cost effective: I’m fine with dropping money on a good book. But let’s get real here – a bargain is a bargain. And it’s no secret that eBooks generally range from $0.99 – $10, whereas a paperback can cost upwards of $10 – $15. A penny saved is a penny earned.

4. Durability: Have you ever loaned a book to a friend, only to have it returned far from its original condition? We all have. And it sucks. With eBooks, not only do you not have to lend them out, but you no longer need to worry about fading ink, torn pages or general wear. It’s in perfect condition each and every time you open it.

5. Noteworthy: Sometimes when you’re reading you come across a thought or passage that’s worth remembering. When you have a paperback you can either mark up the book (how dare you!) or grab a tablet and jot it down. Ebooks make this process a breeze, as you can leave notes without fudging up your book.

6. Insta-dictionary: We’ve all come across a word while reading that made us scratch our head. Some of us look at the sentence, see how the word is used, weigh in the context and try to mentally define it. I know I’ve done this many times, and many times my mental definition has been inaccurate. Luckily eBooks take the guessing out of the game by allowing you to highlight the word and obtain a definition within seconds.

7. Save the trees: I can’t get on my high horse about this one because I use paper towels in complete excess. BUT, with that in mind, I feel like by purchasing an eBook, I’m making up for my wastefulness. And honestly, every little bit helps. I recently read that one digital eBook can be distributed to one million readers and save 300,000,000 paper pages. That’s something to think about.

8. Authors have more control: When writers publish their work as an eBook, they have full control of their sales. All their numbers and stats are easily accessible and up to date. This can result in better marketing strategies by targeting specific consumers.

9. Feedback is Key: When an author posts their eBook online, readers are encouraged to leave comments and feedback which often times eliminates mistakes and helps improve the authors accuracy level.

10. Don’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer: Gone were the days when writers submitted their work to large publishing houses only to be dismissed and sent back to the drawing board. Take control and go digital. If you know you’ve got talent and you’re confident in your work – publish it as an eBook and let the world decide for themselves!

Obviously at BookRix we’re all huge eBook fans. I know I might sound biased since I work here, but truthfully, they really are the cats pajamas. When I went to Kauai last July, I was thrilled that my Kindle took up so little space in my purse. When traveling, you often have to decide which books you’re going to take so that you have ample clothing space in your luggage. Not having to decide which books made the cut felt amazing. I was able to take my entire library with me, cause lets be honest – when you’re laying in the sun on a beautiful beach your taste in reading material might not be what it was when you packed. Jump on the eBook bandwagon with me if you haven’t already. I’m confident your heart will always hold a special place for paperbacks (mine does too), but I’m just as confident you’ll be thankful you took the eReader plunge with the rest of the world. And while you’re exploring your new found reading freedom, check out my recommendation for today. Warning: It’s a tear jerker. So have some Kleenex handy.

A teddy bear relives the memories of his previous owner

A teddy bear relives the memories of his previous owner

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