Once Upon A Time, It Was Fairy Tale Day

Having fairy tales read to you as a kid is somewhat of a childhood staple. Whether your parents made them up as they went along (my dad’s favorite thing to do) or they pulled from the classics, almost all fairy tales had a moral. I think morals were introduced to encourage good behavior in kids. Be good or else! And it worked relatively well in my case. Not to toot my morality horn or anything, but I picked up on what to do and what not to do (within reason) very fast. I learned not to be greedy (The Goose that laid the Golden Egg), to take proper precaution and not to cut corners on projects (The Three Little Pigs), to dream big and believe in myself (Jack and the Beanstalk), and not to be a prissy little brat (Goldilocks). All in all, I think I turned out alright.

Today, in case you haven’t figured it out, is Fairy Tale Day. Sure it might sound a little silly if you’re an adult, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re bored at work or are working on writing project that has you brain dead, take a break and write a fairy tale. It can be geared towards kids, written for adults only, or just something you do to pass the time. Whatever you decide, just start off with ‘Once upon a time….’ and see where your imagination wanders. Don’t worry too much about setting a plot or establishing a moral to your story. Just let go and write. I’ve got a million ideas buzzing around my head and can’t wait to get started. C’mon and join me. It’ll be fuuuuuuuuun!

If you’re looking for some fairy tale inspiration, check out Joined By Love by Tatyana Black on BookRix. Her tags “romance, love, fantasy, healer’ should be enough to peak your interest. But in case you want to know more, you can read her book blurb below.

ANGELIQUE: Angèle and her grandparents will always be grateful for Angelique’s kind heart. If it hadn’t been for her, Angèle’s grandfather would have been dead years ago. Angelique had been a great woman. She had cured lots of people during the french revolution and in the end, gave her life for those who had loved her.COLETTE: A prince is searching for a princess, Rapunzel to be exact. He travels far and at last finds the tower he was looking for. But a surprise awaits him as he calls out to her and her braid cascades down the tower.

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