Why You Should Buy Indie Books

The success of a previously unknown indie author inspires us. As writers, we love to hear a good rags to riches tale, especially when it relates to self-published indie authors. We want to believe that if our book is good enough, and if we try hard enough, we’ll sell our book and maybe, just maybe, be able to make a career out of writing. Imagining that day when we can finally fill out the form as “CAREER: Author” helps us get through anything, even rejection and writer’s block.

So there is one thing that I can’t understand: Why don’t indie authors support one another. If you’re a writer, why don’t you buy books from your peers? Sure, buying a New York Times Best Seller is showing that author that you care, but in all honesty, they aren’t noticing one more sale. If you buy a book by a self-published indie author, they are going to jump up and down and celebrate that sale. You could even join their blog and send them a message and you’ll hear back. They have no other reason to respond to your comment, other than the simple fact that they are grateful.

I’m not using the H word here… (ahem, hypocrisy), but in all honesty, if we’re not buying indie books, and more specifically self-published books, then why should we expect anyone to buy our books when we publish them?  Find that diamond in the rough and be the first to discover the new and great authors that are out there, right now, waiting for you to buy their books.


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